Series of ten books continues the story of Elf

Elf’s first five books were written for everyone to enjoy, but especially for those who wanting to read from cover to cover, without help from a grown-up.

This was made possible by only using words from a restricted dictionary, i.e., those with the simplest and easiest to learn 22 phonemes in the English language.

If you liked the stories in the first Elf series you’ll love the adventures that Elf has in these next ten books which use words containing nearly all the 44 phonemes to be found in almost every adult book.

The stories:

Elf's HatEShopping-copyElf's Fish AdventureETreeAdventure-copyFoundInElfland-copyJJElfHill-copyElf to the Rescue

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Welsh Animation Group / Grwp Animeiddwyr Cymru

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