Found in Elfland – as the story goes …

“All that’s lost – a rabbit’s gain”
All hidden underground.
A storage problem
Must be solved –
No more the ‘lost not found’.


told by Grant Jesse and Peter Scott

40pp   A5 size

13 Pages of Colour Illustrations
2 Colouring Sheet pages
Password in Little Password Book (inside)
Double page Elfland Underground Map
Elfland Photographs

ISBN  978-1-899573-22-6

Image of Learning
Elf Storytelling Series

English Language Edn.

… and so the Story grows …

grant / design / information graphics

As the range of activity within your team broadens and every aspect of, and approach to, growth, widens daily through global links, the need to communicate your messages more swiftly, effectively and cross culturally increases.

Within a small group, constant meetings and textings can keep teams alive to each moment, but as soon as you need to spread message widely at speed, the use of well planned ‘information graphics‘ is essential.

Growth requires social tools that are accurate, immediate, frontier crossing and/or locally targeted.

During your next presentation: make more impact, focus all eyes and start an Opportunity Explosion.

To discuss your work in full, whether you are presenting a schema, concepts or results to your audience, contact Grant for some enlightening ideas.

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