The little book inside some Little People Books

Password Book

Just inside the front cover of some Little People Books you may find your own password book. It’s personal and so far, we have issued 647 of these.

Once you have your password, keep it in a safe place. We’re having fun at the moment just thinking of all the neat things we can arrange for password holders from geo-positioning paper chases to maybe, one day, our own Little People Books treasure hunt.

Technology will keep us all guessing about 3D internet but with a little imagination we can guess that it’s all going to be on the exciting side of GREAT.

Opposite the little password book is really low-tech. Yes … you can have fun with crayons where you see pencil linework sketches then send a photo to us of your results for our gallery.

And so the story goes ….

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 ….. and so the Story grows arrives


There once was a local market
Where freshness, by default,
Was normal as they’d not discovered
Sugar, ice and salt.

They then found ways to slow decay
And freeze it to a halt.
Now jars and cans and freezer packs
We customers exalt.

But all tides turn
And in the wake
Of such economy
A fresh approach is gaining ground
That’s Totally Locally.

Following a meeting of Knighton retailers, just about to embark on their first Totally Locally event, we designed a word map, the artwork for a newspaper advert and a green and gold ticket promotion.

As part of the wider local promotion process we prepared a badge design featuring a King Offa cartoon which will go into the town’s next print run of ‘Welcome Leaflets’ and may be adapted for a soft toy mascot.

Our next project for Knighton is to produce a clear map, carefully scaled, to show the way the town evolved around its ancient castle walls.  Much of the research has been done by a local historian and our aim is to bring the town’s complex and fascinating history to life in an entertaining way.