Chat Café

 What’s a ‘Chat Café’?

Any arranged informal pop-up / drop-in / logged-in event where we can chat together over a coffee.

Flyer design (above) by Grant to promote Friday drop-in *’Chat Cafés’ at the MAC Centre, Birmingham, UK. (1993 to 1996)
To view more Grant design projects, visit Projects and Ideas

Chat Café FAQ’s

How could I benefit?
By bringing your thoughts from isolation and into a Chat Café you may clarify your projects’ aims, evolve workable ideas and establish useful people-links – all over an informal cuppa.

What aspects can we discuss?
All chats must be people and project based.

What do I need to bring?
Your project questions.

What’s the principle behind Chat Café and the Penny University?
Chat Cafés promote the principles of the original Penny University and provide a setting where ideas can be shared and built upon. By getting people to think and work together, most projects bear fruit.

What does it cost?
Following on from the tradition of the Penny University of the 1700s, you can still get in for 1p

How long has it been going?
It was started in 1993 by two members of BEAF (Business, Education & Arts Forum)  during their annual meeting at the International Convention Centre, Birmingham,UK.

Are Chat Cafés now international?
They can be on Zoom or Skype – so long as you make your own coffee.


000226Recent News from FRIENDS of the HoBB

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Bradley Shields has forwarded details to WoW about the following publications: “Aquaculture in ancient Hawaii,” by Barry Costa-Pierce, BioScience, May 1987, Vol. 37 No.,5; and “Prehistoric Hawaiian fishponds,” by William K. Kikuchi in Science July 23, 1976. This will be useful in updating WoW’s page on the History of Aquaculture.

The World of Water Museum / Book Collections/ Aquaculture section, has just aquired a copy of  “A Handy Guide To Fish Culture Or Fish Culture Being Specially Designed For The Use Of Amateurs  And For Guidance In The Improvements of Fisheries” by ARMISTEAD J.J. Published by: The Angler Ltd. Scarborough 1897. Edition: 1st Edn..

The World of Water Picture Library has supplied an image of the World’s first School of Aquaculture opened by J.J. Armistead, for inclusion in Peter Brigg’s book “Call of the Stream” (Subject: History of Trout Acclimatisation and Fly Fishing in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa).