P.P.S. v. S.P.P. (Peacocks Paradise Shrill v. Some Pretty Pics)

P.P.S. v. S.P.P. (Peacocks Paradise Shrill v. Some Pretty Pics)

Announcing the uncovering of another ‘Bird from GOD’
Were two ex-showroom car sales giants emitting sounds like smog.
A cornucopia of praise preceded what they found
As one sawed off the covers fast to get them to the ground.No show on Earth was quite that big – No bird made quite that sound
But as the saw progressed at pace they glared at what they foundA bloody splash!
A splatter drip!
The makers will get flack
This Model’s got a bloody fault
We’ll send the bugger back!

And so the Peacock left half wrapped was sadly left to drain
As sales teams swore and shifted stance, the Peacock died in pain

That night the cable news was on
And ‘Hubble’ showed its tricks
But both our Sales guys shrugged and said
“So what? Some pretty pics”!

From Bookface to Facebook to BookBod

The new Centre for the Child in 1993 looked at the way children would be interacting with books in the next century. A cartoon character, ‘Bookface’ was proposed which evolved into Facebook and then into BookBod.

Here are a few of the first drawings of this character from the WoW archives: