Low Impact Philosophy

Recycling LI styleProgress without a care achieves no goals…

At the HoBB, we believe this with a passion. So when we offer our creativity we incorporate our understanding, depth of experience, personal nature and capacity to ‘be there’ when needed.

On the phone today, someone described the HoBB as a ‘creative boot camp’ and others have at times viewed us as an ‘attack’ rather than a ‘Retreat’. It’s certainly true that the couch here rarely gets used and the get-up-and-go aspect of the HoBB dominates.

However, progress takes a lot more than heading off in the direction ahead regardless of the consequences. The World’s gradually waking up to the reality of being over-used in a poor quality manner and hopefully a far fresher era of low impact progress will develop over this century.

At the HoBB, we love to re-cycle and the word ‘waste’ is never applied to materials for everything has its worth. All goods produced are ‘of the Earth and formed from the fixed and finite family of materials on the Earth. We live as part of one delicate recycling process and we must wise-up if we are to remain a healthy part of that process.

I’m only one person in a World of problems, what can I do?

Essentially, keep going and try to get the rest of the World ‘on-side’. Practically, whilst there is no full directory of ‘low impact’ goods, you can look out for the ‘Fair Trade’ sticker on your purchases. You can buy goods that are less ‘processed’ and more ‘local’. You can support people who will repair goods and find new uses for unwanted goods. You can start a ‘Transition Group’.

Share the recycling information you find and the ideas that you have to promote and secure low impact growth. Never give up on a vital thing, for with the internet you can reach the World and keep it changing. Post your thoughts on message boards, newsgroups, guest books and on a section of your own web page. Show the World how you are working to create an ever healthier tomorrow.

I know in some parts of the World, and in some families, it is less easy to think about building a better tomorrow but all of us must try as the World needs everyone to look after it and care for it.

We all live on the same planet no matter which corner our home stands upon. We share the Air, the Water and the Sun. and we all depend upon them no matter where we come from.

Waves from Grant ~~~~~~~ <+))))))))>< ~~~

H.& C. my B-C! (Hot and Cold my Ball-Cock) A.K.A. The SueJuice Bird

Out of the countless stories circulating in highland pubs about the flamboyant Laird, Hedradwall Cabbard (Portrait below), my personal favourite is “The Suejuice Bird” .

I turned this story into a poem, to accompany the following illustration,  for a live WoW performance of the ‘Nine Tenets’ at the first internet café in Birmingham, UK.

A.K.A.  H.& C. my B-C!   (Hot and Cold my Ball-Cock!)


Hedradwall Cabbard raised his barrel
At the Suejuice Bird – in best apparel.
His flight or plight –  to West or East
Was ‘soar away’, or ‘die as feast’!

The shutters closed in and around.
Most fond peekers made no sound
but backed from blinds, thus could see not,
what or how the end would be.

One shot was fired, from rod of two,
but missed and hit a stanky flue.
“My Ball-Cock!” shouted out a man,
who chased as far as catch it can
but stopped on edge by rope stretched tight –
his murmured “You!” issued at height.

“You’ll stop my Wind, you gunning fart.
Get off my windcock, shoo! Depart.
My balcony’s not made for ropes
And old green-flippered shooting blokes.”

The Suejuice Bird stood very still,
not wishing anybody ill,
reflecting on the second shot
from Cabbard’s gun, that winded sot.

And in this state of stanky poo, our characters exist for you.
This thought , an illustrative view –
‘A harbinger of deady-do.’
Your actions sit within your hands,
To follow better global plans.