Ministry of Spare Parts

Illustration from Genetic engineers are now working the building blocks of biology. They pop some daffodil gene into rice and the rice then produces vitamins it normally does not produce (I think it was Vit. A). I think they popped some gene from a deep sea fish into a mouse and made it glow didn’t ‘they’. I use the word ‘they’ as if I was not part of the same human seed I am, thus I should continue this with the word “we” I suppose!

Well what will happen when ‘we’ stop discovering ever smaller sub-atomic particles and reach the ‘unit-brick’ that allows us to calculate the coded recipe of all elements. Will sub-atomic engineers be able to use the lowest constituent parts to build ‘matter’ that has either, never existed before, or at least be able to ‘tweak’ the composition of existing elements so their behavior alters?

I often regress to ‘our’ pre-big-bang stage, when the sum of everything was in a rather dense unified form, or so the present theory goes. At that point in my pre-history, the ingredients I presently use to form my being would have been in rather a mixed up cocktail along with all the other ingredients ready to create what we now know as ‘everything’.

It is not a very easy state of ‘being’ to describe but the feeling of unified potential is ‘mammoth’ – like one pre-poppy seed ooze in a universally large developing seed pod but in a micro-kind of way.

When we find a code that is common to all physical ‘matter’ it will be another code as the biological one already exists. However such wonderful discoveries are made, the biggest breakthrough will come when we all willingly unite over future issues that are so much more important than now issues. We have a long way to go to find a code common to all social matters.

Waves ~~~ macro and micro ~~~ <+))))))))>< ~~~ Grant

Illustration (above) from “Genius” [By Kind Permission of Little People Books ISBN 1-988573]


©2005 World of Water logoformsThe Water Issue v. the Growth of Business.

I Chair the Reg. UK Charity, ‘World of Water’ and we work to promote all to realise that this Blue Planet needs to be kept in a clean, balanced and ‘fit’ state for its biomass.

For our Human Race to build up its fitness to survive, it will need to adopt ever better ways to progress without polluting the only home environment it has.

The vital role of the Internet:
Groups on the internet can network the far corners of the Earth and spread the message. This is vital work so please help, for it will be only through joint understanding and sharing of common aims that we will survive.

Clean Water and Air are vital. Every mother and father have worked hard towards the survival of our species but they cannot afford to sub-contract the future fitness of this Planet to their offspring. One generation has to say “The buck stops here”!

I believe our present generation needs to put in motion the Global Movement to ensure Planet Earth remains ‘home sweet home’ for its biomass. We have the figures and we know what we do to rock the boat so let’s wise up and plan ‘future’ as if life was eternal.

One day this home planet dies. By this time we need to find a new one to do business and have fun upon.

Today, everyday, we need to support Space Exploration and the balanced growth of ourselves within a clean ecosystem. As we all live downstream, it is vital that the World join forces over shared needs and that no single country, organisation or group is ever allowed to think short-term to the detriment of the ‘whole’.

‘Business’ is but one facet of the ‘whole’. For the diamond to shine, each facet needs polishing.

This fit Planet needs fit people to manage it fittingly

Keep personally fit out there and contribute to your neighbours fitness – we are all in the same boat.