Chat Café

Flyer design by Grant to promote Friday *’Chat Cafés’ at the MAC Centre, Birmingham, UK. (1993)

By 2009, ‘Chat Café’ had become a monthly informal pop-up / drop-in event organised by IOL (Image of Learning)

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Chat Café FAQ’s

How could I benefit?
By bringing your thoughts from isolation and into a Chat Café you may clarify your projects’ aims, evolve workable ideas and establish useful people-links – all over an informal cuppa.

What aspects can we discuss?
All chats must be people and project based.

What do I need to bring?
Your project questions.

What’s the principle behind Chat Café and the Penny University?
Chat Cafés promote the principles of the original Penny University and provide a setting where ideas can be shared and built upon. By getting people to think and work together, most projects bear fruit.

How do I get into a Chat Café?
Phone 01547 520 925 to book a place for your group.

What does it cost?
Following on from the tradition of the Penny University of the 1700s, you can still get in for 1p

How long has it been going?
It was started in 1993 by two members of BEAF (Business, Education & Arts Forum)  during their annual meeting at the International Convention Centre, Birmingham,UK.


storyboard design












Most of our Children’s Picture Book Storyboards are BIG – on A2 Sheets 420 x 594 mm. This makes it easy to see standard 12 double page spreads in one quick glance at meetings with busy editors. Some storyboards are presented in book form to highlight any loss-effect of the gutter.

storyboard design







Simpler storyboards, drawn in outline (example above), are all that’s required for meetings where everybody knows the full production details.

storyboard design








Storyboards for film require more design as they include information on lighting, viewpoint, sound, cues and movement. The following storyboard for a TV series on the ‘History of Water Use’, was pitched by World of Water to the BBC and included all the above additions and also Character Design Charts for the series animation content.

storyboard design








storyboard design










Whatever sequences you need to present, from exhibitions and live shows to computer games and educational videos, storyboards set the scene and make a fast efficient focus for everyone.

storyboard design