WWW (‘Weeping Willow Walk’)

WWW (‘Weeping Willow Walk’)Only online at HoBB Virtual does ‘www’ stand for something unhuggable; at HoBB Real, our real WWW grows daily.

As a tribute to nature, I have designed a path leading to a tree I will always respect, the Ginkgo. This species has declined to evolve – surviving unaltered for 200,000,000 years – for me, an emblem of sound natural design.

Its modern name, Ginkgo, is the Japanese version of the Chinese yin-kuo, meaning ‘silver fruit’ – the roasted peanuts and cashews of the ancient Chinese.

The path to our Ginkgo will only be found by crossing a small bridge and entering under the canopy of a Weeping Willow Tree and following part of an ancient route towards the vineyards that once grew above the village in the medieval ages.

Both Ginkgo ( 25ft / 7.5m in 20 years) and (Weeping Willow 40ft/ 12m in 20 years) are growing well.

Anyone know what part of the Ginkgo they use in these various ‘preparations’ and how they do it then contact me. I’ve seen the duck-foot shaped leaves on many a cosmetic bottle – let me know what you know and we’ll have a go with our Ginkgo tree and see what we get.

Waves and respect ~~~~~~ <+))))))))>< ~~~ Grant

Greenwood Forester unites Ashes over arboricultural ideas

Ash Tree needs a handOne day these two Ash trees will touch along their trunks.

They have been planted within 30cm of each other and there will come a time when in order to continue growing, they will have to join ‘as one’.

Having space to grow is important, but if space is limited, it needs to be shared.

One Ash tree may grow with greater vigour and become larger. Both will try to survive. As they touch and as they are wind-blown, there will be friction and wear. This wear will expose live tissue which they both will try to re-cover. As they recover, they will fuse. When, and only when they fuse, the winds will no longer blow them apart but they will moved joined in unity.

Here in the Garden of HoBB, each layer of loess that accumulates over time builds a fixture. We are partial to fixtures that flex and enjoy working on link-ups. If you have any arboricultural ideas that you want to work on, contact me, I have been a member of the Greenwood Foresters Association since the age of nine and have access to woodland here and in West Sussex.

Waves from the Woods ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ <+))))))))>< ~~~ Grant