Touchstone your future; give yourself a P+G Friday

IMAGENAMEHEREJust done another ‘P+G Friday’ for a great cartoonist and writer who has invented a world of characters, ideal for 4 to 6 year olds.

When you have something that you want to ‘get across’ to another person or group, whether it is your personality, a concept, a great idea or product, and you’re not communicating it fast enough, come and pitch to us at a ‘P+G Friday’; meet over coffee – no cost – well you can buy the coffee!

We work at honing your ideas and suggesting how best to direct your energies. When you need a sounding board, we will be very straight with you and tell you exactly how your thoughts are coming across. If you want to work with us further and polish up your pitch, book an individual ‘P+G Weekend Work-out’.

‘Work-outs’ do exactly what they say on the can! We ‘work out’ with you the way forward so you can reach your horizons using the straightest possible road.

This is an invaluable experience, tailor-made and thus appropriate to you and your vision, so contact us now.

Goal Share

Goal Share © 2005 GJA All rights reservedThe conceptual stage of projects can be fun. All ideas ‘surface’ but those who first think about them are not always those who launch them because originators often hesitate when promoting their thoughts for fear of losing their ideas.

Hesitation can lead to very negative results like ‘stagnation’ and if such barriers crop up, you need a method to overcome them – that’s where Goalshare helps.

Simply put, tell a good friend your goal and ask them to keep you focussed on it. They tell you their goal – and ask you to keep them focussed on their goal.

This works because each person acts as the other’s external dynamo. By setting up this joint feedback loop and constantly reminding each other, both of you stay on track and the balance is tipped in favour of both achieving goals.

We do a lot of goalsharing with friends. You are welcome to ‘goalshare’ with us if you wish.

When you share with us, we only look at the positive outcomes you wish to reach. We have no hidden doubts about your ability which can creep in if you work alongside people who are too close to you.

Tell us one of your goals and we’ll tell you one of ours and we will arrange to regularly to ask each other for a status update. This works. Try it out today in one of two ways :

Option 1: You tell us of yours first.
Option 2: We tell you of ours first.

Say hi to us and introduce your goal now.

Waves ~~~~~~~~~ <+))))))))>< ~~~ Grant