Image of Design. Case Study: The Greenkeeper Bar, Restaurant and Golf Club House

IMAGENAMEHEREThe design consultants Broadbent Partners are renowned for matching both the ‘image’ and development cost requirements of their international clients.

Following an extensive and involved brief for the refurbishment of the ‘Greenkeeper’, a 1960’s Bar, Restaurant and Golf Club House, we produced a series of design study sketches of possible external changes for use through the initial design/ planning meetings. This saved a lot of time and allowed an earlier start on the finished presentation work and final build.

Sunset over the HoBB

Sunset over the HoBB‘Sunset over the HoBB’, by guest photographer, Wwoofer and Medieval German bagpipe virtuoso, Monika Eidmann (Visit Monika E. at the HoBB)

The HoBB is a special place for special moments of life to ‘evolve’. Volunteers usually find out about the ‘HoBB Project House and Gardens’ through the Wwoof organisation, World of Water Charity, word-of-mouth, or via ‘Friends of the HoBB’.

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And Jeanne wrote something in French about us that we haven’t translated yet …
Jeanne C. at the HoBB

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