Project Leaders for creative mind ‘overflow’.

Project Leaders for creative mind ‘overflow’.I’ve devised a variety of ideas that need team leaders. You can be involved in these new Project ideas if you want to add the experience of working with design thinkers and doers to your expanding ‘Career Summary’ or just have fun – you might even like to produce a new side-line or start your own production facility so get in touch.

All product and service ideas are fresh, at different stages of development, available for progress, exploitation and even full ownership if things go well.

If you are authentic; passionate about progress; straight forward in manner and direction; following your own path; refreshingly different; full of respect and keen to tackle interesting and challenging projects in partnership with positive people then you are one click away from getting in touch with us. Yup .. SO close already!!

Waves that definitely feed the soul ~~~~~~~~~ <+))))))))>< ~~~ Grant

Greenwood Foresters Association

greenwood forestersCalling all members of the UK Greenwood Foresters Association set up by Bob and Grace Darling in the 1960’s … Who’s got the Keys?

As an early Member, I drove down to Greenwood, near Heathfield, and at the entrance of Greenwood there was a padlocked barrier so I couldn’t drive in. As no newsletter is being sent out by the Association any more, I am looking for other members who might know where I can get a key or who put the locked barrier up? Or, is the barrier still there?

Please let me know if you have any information or can be of help.

Thank you

~~~~~~~ <+))))))))>< ~~~ Waves from Grant. Member Reg. No. 800. Greenwood Foresters Association, (Wardrew Manor, Gilsland, Cumberland)