Where are the Cloud Popper’s jagged clothes?

Where are the Cloud Popper’s jagged clothes
With which she’d guide the raindrop flows,
To water where the goodgreen grows
Around each small and tall tree’s toes?

Where goes that thief – the hijacker who
Removed the jagged clothes from view
And popped the clouds above such lands
Where Nature slept beneath its sands?

Where rained the drops that didn’t stop
But flushed the muds to covered the crops
And flooded the houses door by door
By reign of rain /  hard water lore?

The Cloud Popper sighed, his purpose gone;
His clothes of blue removed,
By elements who thought they knew
The how, the what and who.

Without a clap of thunder,
No trickle of applause,
The Popper of the planet’s clouds
Gave in to stronger laws.

His like we may not see again –
His skill being heaven sent.
Now those who wear his jagged clothes
Play in their element.

(Grant. 2020)



20/20 Vision

Thought for the day:

Whilst Yr. 2021 waits in the wings, let’s appreciate the tremendous international coordination of health researchers and workers through 2020, and let’s  treasure the carers, the neighbours, the delivery van drivers and all those who joined forces to win through these difficult times.

Here at the HoBB as 2021 approaches, we remember friends, neighbours, volunteers and the National Health Service  who together, helped keep us together.

Our thanks in every way.

Let’s Ring In The New

Volunteer Chris fires a mini-forge inside our Alder Forge to repair a split garden tool. Thank you Chris. We hope the socially distanced accomodation wasn’t too full of art materials and paintings.