Nut Hatch Cote

bird cote in growthWhy should doves get all the fun? In my travels I have seen loads of white painted dove cotes around, some with doves or pigeons but many ‘to let’.

And recently, garden centres have been selling every strange design they can get for bird boxes, mostly for tits.

Just as I was about to move a wood store at the HoBB, I halted, because a nut hatch had taken up residence and was building a nest. It was easy enough to let nature continue so I backed away and got on with another job. But I must have disturbed the wood hatch because it stopped building there and instead, started to build inside one of a pair of regularly used half circular doors. This might have been problematic, had the pair of nut hatches disliked our continual comings and goings, but they seemed to be happy, continued their work and created two fine chicks. I managed to take a picture of one emerging for the first flight (above)

Having witnessed wrens nesting in bright blue nylon rope bundles and nut hatches in swinging doors, I started to think that the rules and regulations of where a bird would, and where it would not ‘nest’ might as well not have been written. But then, what do we humans really know.

I have now designed a major ‘bird cote’ (picture above) for the HoBB Gardens – such a grand triple-decker structure when complete that it’s reputation will be sure to spread swiftly around the local flocks.

For this temple of take-offs and landings, I am collecting pieces of distressed wood that already have natural holes in them.

This tower of nesting opportunities will be the HoBB’s first journey into ‘Bird Architecture’, so if you are a keen Ornithological Architect or Bird-Watching Carpenter and wish to volunteer to help build it, contact me.

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Eddy Champion. First Edn. ISBN No. 1 899573 003 Reviews

Eddy Champion Comic FIRST ISSUEEddy Champion
[12 25x17cm GLOSSY STOCK PAGES, GLOSSY CARD COVER. Mono. Hand Numbered Limited Edition. of 1000. 100 Signed by Editor. ISBN No. 1 899573 003]

In this First Issue, our small yet powerful hero Eddy Champion, speeds to the rescue as one of his fellow earth creatures is trapped in a perilous watery downpour unable to reach safety.

As the Editor of this comic, I like it. I like the artwork, the passionate drama, the use of cool viewpoints and the way in which a heart warming simple story is shown to be so important to those deeply involved. I could go on and dish out a load of compliments but I’m the one wearing the rose coloured glasses so I’ll pass on that idea. Instead, read two of the ‘Reviews’ we rather liked from RJJ and Gavin Burrows :

“Produced to provide support for registered educational children’s charity World of Water.” Little water conservation actually happens in this issue though, we’re introduced to Eddie — a superhero parody grub who saves snails from certain death. However, we’re promised in future issues he’ll be “right up there fighting the real problems that hit our own planet.”
The artwork’s accomplished in a post-EC comics kind of way, (perhaps a big influence as they insist Eddie is addressed as “EC”) if a bit too static and photo-referenced in places. It looks livelier when letratone is added (which it is for the cover and pin-up but not on the main strip). I also found the duplo-sized lettering a bit intrusive, but perhaps that’s a concession to the kiddie audience.
Given the content and intended readership I’m not sure a cartoonier approach would’ve been more effective, especially if the idea’s to get kids to relate to the character. But maybe that’s just me preferring cartoonier stuff in general.
‘Educational’ matters (hate the word but I can’t think of a better) definitely work well in comics. I think I’d prefer to see a post-privatisation version of the Thirties Superman, where wish-fulfilment figures get to kick the shit out of the heads of Yorkshire Water. Yeah and then hand them out among schoolkids…
(Gavin Burrows) **


This professionally designed booklet sees the launch of a new super-powered
grub and his mission to save a falling snail. Gorgeous dark artwork is
incredibly out of place in this simple story of insect adventures. Its
simplicity is its failing and its environmental message overpowering. (RJJ)

** ( Editor: Funnily enough Gavin, ‘World of Water’ pitched a post-privatisation version of the thirties Superman to Severn Trent Water who adored our approach to their water treatment and supply ‘Educational’ matters, acknowledging that our ideas would be effective in Water education, but felt that they would not work in print on a ‘stand-alone’ basis. )

Those who care about water make waves ~~~~~~ <+))))))))>< ~~~ BIG waves from Grant