Animator, Dominic Osbourne, tackles disability and obesity subject –

Fat Man Jim storyboardLights! Action! But can ‘stop frame’ ever be seen as ‘action’ in the face of live footage? What is animation all about?

When Dominic Osbourne filmed the animated short, “Fat Man Jim” with us for a Grant Fund pitch to the British Film Institute (BFI), he had not reckoned on the slowness of “action” needed in stop frame animation nor on the continual take and re-take of footage ever experimenting on ‘style’.

If we could get everyone who comes to see us with highly animated thoughts, to pre-realise the time and effort needed to produce their fluid dreams, we’d probably be a little quieter! Projects that really ‘sing’ do need the hours of input and dedicated effort, whether you are producing your own animation film or shouting about how great you are!

Energy is the key and that’s why it is always vital to reach goals through a mix of hard work and relaxed re-charging of batteries. Busy people are usually busy at work and then busy again at home so the idea of chilling out the system between heavy bouts of activity remains “just a good idea” and hard to achieve.

At the ‘HoBB Project House and Gardens’, the chill-out time is part of the action and it’s working.

Update News : ‘Fat Man Jim’ didn’t get its BFI grant funding (Hmmmm!) so we’re back on the look out. If you have some funds available or know of some in need of a great little educational, humourous and entertaining short animation about disabilities and obesity, make contact.

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