Precious Earth I

Cluebod Image by kind permission of Little People BooksWANTED – PEOPLE TO SAVE THE PLANET

Any volunteers? Switch on the news and the world seems riddled with a lot of doom and gloom. It has been like that for ages and it gets some people down. It is too easy to be a ‘viewer’ and conclude that the whole world is full of destruction and corrupt politicians. It’s too easy to ‘sponge up’ the climate presented by a news caster and never venture into the fray to see what others say.

If you start believing that you are a lone voice so cannot change things because they are too big or they are way ‘over your head’, then you will certainly prove yourself right by not trying.

The plain truth is this:
We do need to continually save this planet from those who go about creating problems by polluting, spreading viruses, damaging harvests, creating mayhems and halting the nature of PSP (Perpetual Sustainable Progress). If we hide from our collective responsibility to future generations and assume all our ill-fated actions blow over, then we ‘gift-forward’ our less-than-best which is a shody thing to do for the future of our children.

By the way, the ‘news’ all looks to be pretty gloomy because it underlines where things are going wrong in the world. Those things that are not broken do not need fixing. We all must view the ‘news’ as a series of alert signals, drawing our attention to everything that needs working on.

There are loads of caring groups of people and individuals all working very hard to do their very best, every day. Whenever you see the darkness glooming, remember too the brightnesses blooming.

Never give up on a good thing. Save the Planet daily.

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Undercover Earth and Slug Slime Computers

Undercover Earth and Slug Slime ComputersBy using plants and materials found locally, our roots stay undercover and we limit the growth of invasive plants. Anyone who likes nature will understand why we allow nature to grow alongside the more cultivated plant species we grow.

Every plant plays its part and though we always curse at the number of thistles, nettles, creeping buttercup and dandelion we grow, nothing is presently dominating the garden to such an extent that we deem it a total nuisance.

We compost the weed roots collected, so they eventually end up nourishing the trees, bushes and grasses and we have been given some useful ground cover plants – these are gradually working through the beds and features but , ‘at their own pace’ till they find their balance.

I designed and commissioned a rotary sieve which works faster than one operator can feed it. This can separate out stone from soil, tumble earth from weed plants and will eventually, with some modification, grade soils.

The stones it sieves go to make up paths and also soil cover to dissuade seeds and confuse slugs and snails. Although I read that their slime trails are ‘seeded’ with chemicals that accurately communicate to slugs that cross, where the best local eating places can be found. In all seriousness, if such a system for recording information can be developed for super computers, its goodbye Mr (Silicon) chips. However, I seem to remember some scientist suggesting the possibility of massive biological computers and being the only one to have consistently positive results from his own experiments – I hope the media wait for corroborated evidence this time before going gaga about slug slime.

If any research wants to come to HoBB Real and collect slugs, they are most welcome