Thinkers (T) Think, and Provers (P) Prove. TP’s do it both. … Do you?

Toon: Pyramid Developments © GJA 1996 All Rights ReservedWelcome to the Home of TP’s, ‘HoBB’ for short. Hope you like the site and that your navigation is good. This is the thinking virtual home of a practical offline home where Thinkers and Provers get together.

Thinkers can have thoughts about everything from the state of the Universe before the Big Bang to the way to adapt a door hinge so that it oils itself before it ever squeaks!

Provers step in and build the self oiling hinge and get the telescopes up into space to look for pre-Big Bang examples.

Thinkers can think up stuff that seems all too amazing, but sooner or later, a prover comes along and starts being practical. But some of us work both ways, and follow through our thoughts into actions; we call these people TP’s.

Everyone needs other individuals or teams around them to get things moving and our web site is online to link the work of Thinkers and Provers so as to make things happen.

I have been to many web sites that try to get people with ideas to ‘LOGIN’ before they ‘match’ them with others who have registered, but most of these subscriber sites are run by automated software that cannot pick the gems. Here, if you contact me, then I see what you send and email you back; so if you think that the time is right to start moving yourself or one of your ideas forward, and you could do with a ‘TP’ around, let me know.

And if you are an ever-practical Prover, here to discover the ideas of interesting Thinkers, then mark this site and get in touch with us whenever you feel like it as we nurture the gems of thought that become the stems of reality.

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Pergola not Pagoda

Pergola not PagodaI dislike both words but still transpose them occasionally when chatting to someone about their garden design – which can raise an eyebrow if talking about their small inner city courtyard design!

Pergolas (and ever Pagodas for that matter) can look rather constructional when first erected in the garden. Their long boxy look can be almost ‘Japanesey’ if you leave the long cross pieces overhanging and shape the ends, or they can look like the skeleton of a shipping container. Either way, the clematis, rose, laburnum or wisteria plants go in at the base of the columns and you sit back for what seems like years (it is) and know that your pergola will look great eventually (and it will).

I have picked up a few white flowering wisteria to grow up the six fir trees but as the wisteria, once established, will want to explore and explore, I have roped together the tops of some pollarded trees to provide them with a climbing frame along the top terrace.

Not desirous of a very formal pergola along this terrace, I have bent down the branches of both Ash and Willow to form archways, fixing them in position using some plastic television aerial cable as this withstands weather and can be easily moved along branches so as not to constrict growth. The informality of this tree archway contrasts the structures planned to support the White Wisteria (Wisteria sinensis ‘Alba’) at the other end of this terrace.

I know I will be ‘sitting back’ for what will be an ‘age’ till this setting looks as I have designed but I also feel that by working with nature and avoiding the pre-pack factory look, Nature and me, will have combined our strengths again on another shareable facet of the HoBB Gardens.

Waves ~~~~~~~~~ (whilst caring for growths) ~~~ <+))))))))>< ~~~ Grant