Engaged in Nature

engaged in natureMany abandon engagements ‘true to their nature’ and seek to pad out their wallets by heading off towards horizons designed by the commercial world. In so doing, they often ignore the need to learn more about themselves. But if you travel too far into any way of ‘being’ that neglects your ‘calling’ it can get tougher to action the voice within. In bad cases, you can get so stressed-out, through feeling ‘stuck’ to the system, that it leads to a fear of change. When you get to this stage, everything seems too daunting so you do not change a thing and resign yourself to the life you have.

This way of life is on the increase but it builds stress. I know there is a rise in the number of Life Coaches and Therapists to counsel all this stress, but their work gets harder for them and harder for their clients.

The whole wide world holds more variety than anyone can ever experience. There are always pressures around to abide by the well written plans of ‘others’ but these can swamp your lifetime. The trick is to pick your own way through the ‘doctrine maze’ and hold strong to your own ideals. If you have not made the chance to develop your own ideals, it is fun, so make a date with your future, now.

It may seem obvious, but everything published before you were born was written by people that lived in the past. Some of these past authors put out fine thinkings – but you have ‘up-to-the-minute’ eyes so always evolve such thinkings so they become relevant to your today.

People that go their own way are interesting people and very useful to society as they forge new directions and discover frontiers on behalf of us all. Nearly everyone has to steer a path that incorporates systems developed by others but in so doing, many neglect to understand their own path. Civilisation develops incrementally, brick by brick, and in part, we should contribute bricks from our own effort-kilns to the best walls; we should also be building without walls and mastering the craft of being ourselves.

I take on board that which I intuitively ‘feel’ thus write here, but it is essential to heed the words of many others so as to unfold the ever wider view thus I welcome your thoughts. I support sharing.

As a designer, uppermost in my mind is to think holistically and create designs that are concerned with both the actualities of Nature and the practical, emerging technologies of a modern industrialized society.

For example, when designing a building for a friend, I look at the space it will inhabit and design a structure to organise and balance the forces already in place. The proportions of the building will not simply be governed by the physical principles of its use but by aesthetic sensibility.

It is an important point to remember that individuals have varying needs; those that design on a unquestioning template merely preserve the atmosphere of the past – in short, they hang on to the ability to see things as they really were.

Today is always different. Letting go of old templates allows vital energy to be released. Many stay close to the shore of tradition because they fear periods of liberation where confusion and lack of order can prevail. Others believe it is ‘tasteful’ not to notice unpleasant realities.

Whatever approach you take to developing your life, style it with your intuitive natural skills alongside those learnt. Be ever engaged in the nature of yourself as it is the strongest force you have, directing you into new creative channels.

Work past the stagnant ways of tradition for these ways were only created by those that faced the same questions of creation as you do today by using what they knew in their time. Tomorrow will only be different if we bring today into full bloom with what we understand now.

Mother Nature’s son, Grant ~~~~~~~ <+))))))))>< ~~~

Thinkers (T) Think, and Provers (P) Prove. TP’s do it both. … Do you?

Toon: Pyramid Developments © GJA 1996 All Rights ReservedWelcome to the Home of TP’s, ‘HoBB’ for short. Hope you like the site and that your navigation is good. This is the thinking virtual home of a practical offline home where Thinkers and Provers get together.

Thinkers can have thoughts about everything from the state of the Universe before the Big Bang to the way to adapt a door hinge so that it oils itself before it ever squeaks!

Provers step in and build the self oiling hinge and get the telescopes up into space to look for pre-Big Bang examples.

Thinkers can think up stuff that seems all too amazing, but sooner or later, a prover comes along and starts being practical. But some of us work both ways, and follow through our thoughts into actions; we call these people TP’s.

Everyone needs other individuals or teams around them to get things moving and our web site is online to link the work of Thinkers and Provers so as to make things happen.

I have been to many web sites that try to get people with ideas to ‘LOGIN’ before they ‘match’ them with others who have registered, but most of these subscriber sites are run by automated software that cannot pick the gems. Here, if you contact me, then I see what you send and email you back; so if you think that the time is right to start moving yourself or one of your ideas forward, and you could do with a ‘TP’ around, let me know.

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