Watch the Puppeteer not the Avatar

000199How are Avatars evolving?

This is an update on my thoughts having just heard that Cameron (Titanic fame) starts shooting a film called Avatar this April.

Here we go :

Before the convergence of the spiritual with the physical, both need to be seen.

I think Avatar use may be starting to help many more break into defining their ‘Spiritual Self’ in a practical, easily readable manner.

Some people’s view of authentic ‘self’ can be a bit foggy at times. Those allowing themselves to be pressured into living the life expected of them, are less in contact with ‘self’ – often they think about their more spiritual self as their alter ego. More people are beginning to ‘escape’ into other selves by developing their own avatar/s online AND offline.

It’s a fascinating picture to see evolving. People are almost becoming their own brand managers. Their avatars sort of evolve into personal property rights to be protected. (Did you see the film “What the Bleep do we Know”? It was a great film for causing audiences to question self and the very act of ‘being’ – if nothing else.)

Questions are the key to answers and those creating avatars are moved into more self questioning so this may lead to more self answers. During these early stages however, most avatars still contain masks of some sort (skeletons remaining locked in wardrobes) so view (read) them with this in mind.

Pure Avatars (Remember Max Headroom?) are thankfully exoskeletal – at the moment. The ultimate avatar, created by the genetic engineer, might one day be indistinguishable from reality. In full-circle, avatars in a world of avatars would not know their reality was a created reality.

I’ll type ‘avatar’ into search engines again next year – I predict it’s going to be a very big global growth area that may overtake ‘personal coaching’ in size unless in the years ahead, we all need two life coaches each – one for ourselves and one for our avatar life!

Best wishes from me AND the avatar in
me … which someone suggested (Ross Adler)
was probably ‘BookBod’.

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Wwoof (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms)

IMAGENAMEHEREWe had a Wwoof open day at the HoBB for local hosts and potential members organised by Sue Davies, our local area Wwoof representative.

How it works:
Wwoof Hosts hope for happy volunteers to help them continue their many and varied projects.
Volunteers (Wwoofers) travel around the world from host to host, picking up new skills and gaining an experience and understanding of other cultures.

There is no other international organisation quite like Wwoof for its ability to culture useful links between people interested in organic farming.

Even if you are not interested in being a ‘wwoofer’ host or volunteer right now, take a look at their international web site and get up to speed on the ways being developed to keep soils alive, keep food healthy and as a result, create an ever more balanced organic future for everyone.

We have worked alongside the UK volunteer network for over 15 years. With the wonderful support of volunteers, our charity continues its research and education programme. Present projects include the development of research organic hydroponic and aquaponic methods and the design of a geo-positioning app. that will link the World’s Waters to form a valuable educational and entertaining experience.

Whilst at present we work in the UK with UK based or UK visiting volunteers, we hope, through the Wwoof organisation and others like helpx, to spread the environmental message of World of Water to every shore.

If you would like to join Wwoof and get their international list of hosts, please visit their web site.

If you are in the UK and interested in volunteering some time to help WoW [World of Water, Registered UK Charity 327188 ] please contact us or visit our field centre by arrangement.

World of WaterCaring for the Solution