Beach Combing

IMAGENAMEHEREIn the Beach Comber Room above the fire stack, a series of stone ledges form a three sided ziggurat that climbs back at an angle towards the ceiling. These ledges are adorned with the many items ‘found’. on beachcombing expeditions.

Many of the objects here, inspired the love of the sea and the passion for water life that led to the formation of the UK Charity, World of Water.

To keep the dust off them, I have designed a wide canopy cum lamp shade to hover above them. This shade will hide a light fitting and make a feature of the collection. Any friends into large lampshade making should contact us.

But is the collection ‘Art’?
The Art of Nature is very creative and I marvel at the interconnected group of maybe up to 100 million species that share this blue planet. As everything evolves it creates a legacy record and provides abundant food for thought and digestion, but also provides the foundations for the growth of all futurities.

At the HoBB, we work to keep in tune with Nature and turn today’s strangers into tomorrow’s friends. I started the element titled ‘Where are they now?’ as our own HoBBian version of “Friends Reunited” and it works. So far no beachcombing friends have re-emerged but if you are enthusiastic about the sea and you fancy a good beachcombing trip anytime contact me – new beachcombing friends welcome for the grandest of Welsh Wales West Coast forages.

~~~~~~~~~~ <+))))))))>< ~~~ waves from Grant

Re-cycling our thoughts, to avoid a future ooze

Re-cycling our thoughts, to avoid a future oozeThis ‘Potting Shed’ at HoBB Real, was re-built from a coal store, which in part was once a pig sty, and then clad with ‘twin wall sheeting’ which once covered a bus shelter.

All shelving inside was originally Welsh Oak off-cuts sold as firewood, and the etched ‘vitruvian man picture window’ (by John Eley) is on loan from an exhibition entitled “The Water Palace”.

Re-cycling is not new. Non re-cycling is new.

Materials have always been re-used and it is natural to make the most of everything we have. Historically, the cost of a repair was cheaper than the cost of a new replacement but this rule is less so these days.

‘Wastefulness’ is being promoted

We should all refuse to accept the idea of refuse. Labelling things as ‘waste’ is rubbish if someone can think of a use for them.

Trashy goods are the real trash

“White Gloves” are on record as the first UK goods to be produced with inbuilt obsolescence and we handed this manufacturing disease onto the rest of the World. It is a disease and it does needs a cure.

The Obligation
Life on Earth, as we know it, is able to exist under only one set of environmental conditions, namely ‘in balance’. We will not get much further into our future by tipping this balance. If we are obstinate and continue to buy trashy goods to no avail, we will produce a future wasteland – ‘devoid of aesthetical, intellectual and spiritual richness’.

But ‘true recycling’ means re-thinking our production and consumption thoughts.

I feel it’s pointless for a species to outwear its only Earth home. We have come a long way from our primordial ooze and must all work to dissuade those amongst us from taking us closer to any future ooze.

Those who care, make waves ~~~~~ <+))))))))>< ~~~ Grant