The A to P of Illustrated Lettering

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Illuminated lettering
Type design
Illustrated lettering
Titles for articles, posters, point-of-sale and book covers
Picture book typesetting
Lettering in logoforms
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To launch a unique project, the best way of avoiding copyright issues of existing fonts is to get your lettering designed and not have the full A to Z of costs.

“I remember getting a call from the architects of Cadbury World long before it had been designed. They needed a picture for their press release – an ‘artist’s impression’ of the themed visitor centre along with title lettering. That was my first journey into lettering design, and visitor centre design too”






Book covers benefit from a strong lettering design.

Make sure the lettering on your book cover works when displayed as a thumbnail image online as well as in shop point-of-sale displays.




Freehand illustrated lettering (above) works best on posters promoting hand crafted work, organically grown produce or private parties. Alongside these more friendly looking promotions, the typical look produced by computer graphic layout software  looks cold and uninviting.


Grant enjoys lettering.  Come and share his enjoyment and bring along your own lettering, especially if you have just baked a cake with iced lettering on it.

“The first Halloween cake I made had five sponge layers with strawberry and greengage jam. The victoria icing was coloured as black as I could and very thin white icing was piped all over it and onto its baseboard looking like a forgotten mass of cobwebs. The lettering read, ‘To Wayne and Peter’ – our special spooky guests.”





Illustrated lettering works for:



whenever you need to send
a very personal message