The ‘Sitmedownuponder’ garden seat

garden seatingUnless places are pre-designed to sit and ponder or simply enjoy the view, putting them into a garden design afterwards can create an eyesore or at the very least a distraction.

Ponder points are scattered around the HoBB Gardens – many secret and hidden, and some formal and fine for party gatherings and long evening banquets with fresh friends – whoops, I think I should have typed ‘refreshed friends’!

I think everyone likes to ‘discover’. I also think that ‘forgotten places’ can be more fun than remembered, well manicured ones. This is not leading up to a reason for neglecting parts of the garden, but rather a recollection that those areas that few know about hold greater secrets and are thus more intriguing.

Eventually you realise that I shall be saying that those parts of the HoBB Gardens left unattended are there for this very reason!

Off to neglect another niche ! ~~~~ waves from the Hills ~~ <+))))))))>< ~~~ Grant

Amber fill saps mosquito

view of oak door showing detail of the gap that is to be resin filledAnother HoBBian Hand-made door but this one has dried out a lot giving us a long crack down the middle. We used green oak and didn’t imagine it would shrink so much in the making!

Now it needs to have an amber resin strip, inlaid into this central vertical ‘gap’ and polished. The resin will start light yellow yet clear at the top of the door and slowly deepen through rice amber into golden orange towards the floor.

I’ve not worked in Resin before so if you would like to help finish this artist work contact us. We often work on the same principles as wwoof. Never heard of the wonderful world of wwoof? You should. Have a click on and open yourself up to a new experience.