Art Playshops at the HoBB

000200More art nowadays is stripped of its creator.

Fractal generators delight the eye

Machinimators film interactive games

CAD/CAM machines produce sculptures

Factory artists produce endless originals for indistinct walls.

Where’s the fun in Art happening? Here at the HoBB!

HoBB Art playshops are for friends who feel the natural urge to really play. At the HoBB we play with shapes, space, materials and colour; no one knows what the results are going to be; they may cause laughter, make you think, bring delight or result in something magic – it’s the liberating activity of the game that counts, and not the results.

If you feel the urge to be totally creative, we’ll encourage your living imagination and give you the experience of achieving entirely original results. There’s no place or play like the ‘HoBB’, so make time for yourself, re-discover the fun of art and get in touch

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* Picture shows one of a series of hand made paper-sculpts made by one of the volunteers at HoBB Real. Other things made during such play can be seen throughout this web site

Beauty in the Beast of decay

IMAGENAMEHEREIf one of our pieces of art can have a function as well, we enjoy it doubly. By designing pieces of practical Sculpt like this bookshelf, for interiors and for landscape locations, we try to blur the space between art and crafts.

A lot of our designs are ‘nature-led’ and we often like to react to something that Nature has already started upon. For us, we see this as working ‘with’ Nature – our design aim being to blend not conflict.

The ‘look’ of all cityscapes and most landscapes has been driven by the nature of generations of people. Whatever designers and artists create, they contribute thus compound upon the past. For example, I’ve often heard critics complain about new buildings as being like carbuncles on the landscape but some will have thought that in silence about Pyramids and probably Ziggurats.

Our ‘Nature’ includes these as part of the whole. We are usually adaptive in our ways, preferring to evolve everything from a logo design to a factory conversion, taking the maturity that has been already been established and progressing it. It is rare that you will ever hear us say “Scrap it and start again from scratch”.

This is not Feng Shui nor does it follow other published ways of design. We align our new design works by observing the ways of our own Nature and ‘following through’.

Some say we are the ‘New Rustics’ and that our designs look a bit Japanese but however they sit, they are rooted from an inner instinct that crosses cultures and makes for comfortable living.

We use ‘Design’ to discover a solution, not to create a problem.

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