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Getting Grant

Grant is a multi-skilled, mindful, caring, attentive and savvy Project Designer. He’s helped hundreds of projects.

Grant is easy to approach, listens with interest and knows instinctively whether he can help you and your project.

Introduce your project to Grant (Link to Contact) and pitch the enthusiasm, energy and heart you have for your project.


What’s wonderful:

When paying your account by BACS transfer, 100% goes directly to charity when your project is for the benefit of all.

Five repeated actions turn ideas into reality.


THINK about your aim and the result you want from your Project.

TALK through each aspects of your project.
Action / Give yourself the time you need to be thorough.

DESIGN it so you hold the tools to communicate your project clearly and get the support you need.

PITCH your project to everyone you know and make it the NEWS they share to everyone they know.

DO everything in your plan to move your project forward.

Do some more thinking and talking which will lead to adapting your design and pitching it to new people.

If you could do with some help from Grant on Concept, Design and Presentation, you can reach him most days at the HoBB Project House on 01547 520925

What’s Happening?

Over the Summer of every year at the HoBB Project House, students arrive to think, talk, design, pitch and do projects. To apply, read HelpExchange.

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Things to avoid:

Loss of patience and drive.


Things to keep a hold on:

Un-dentable willpower and faith in self.