Was Dr.Jarvis, a Doctor of Philosophy at Durham University in 1851 A.D.

Was Dr.Jarvis, a Doctor of Philosophy at Durham University in 1851 A.D. I promised my mother I’d ask around because she was getting nowhere on web searches and despite them being a friendly bunch in the Durham University Archive department, they really didn’t have the time and resources to start tracking down the answers. So if you are studying Philosophy at Durham at the moment and come across this Doctor, I am sure my mother would be fascinated to know.

She didn’t obviously know him personally but when she was younger she was ‘visited’ by something that I suppose must have been a ghost or a spirit of somesort claiming to be this guy. It was a while back that it happened but in true curiousity, she would be very interested if there was any truth in what ‘he’ said and “Was there a Dr. Jarvis at Durham in 1851 ?

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FGF Organisation Sponsors World of Water Charity

water palace exhibition WoW UK BirminghamI feel a bit bad about this one because I’m usually very good at giving credit where due but somehow, when the Charity I Chair, World of Water (WoW), received some support from the FGF Organisation in 1981, it didn’t get into our annual summary and get our fullest of thank yous.

We did write a thank you letter, and FGF got onto our eighteenth piece of Charity literature (‘W18’ for officianados of WoW literature), but for some unknown reason, no further. So I thought I could give them a special mention here and say that the blue foam offcuts they gave us were used throughout the Water Palace Exhibition (See Photograph) and many are still in use.

FGF had a base in Birmingham, UK, which is probably still there, but what prompted me to check our annual summaries was seeing their FGF logo on the side of a long vehicle when travelling up to the Earth Centre to perform some live storytelling for WoW

Anyway, thanks once again if you’re reading this and I hope things are going well for you and that you’re always on the look out for newer and more friendly ways to manufacture everything – it’s OK, I always say this to every manufacturer even the fruity ones that are making British Strawberry farming into a year-round industrial pursuit and not an agricultural one (Check it out!)

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