Update on Suzy Davies AM

A dedicated enthusiasm for wide community gain lives inside Suzy Davies. Having worked with Suzy on two campaigns in 2009  (The Teme Valley Blueprint: ‘Knighton Job Project’ and ‘You Too Can’ initiatives) I was very pleased when Suzy became a Member of the National Assembly for Wales in 2011.

You can follow Suzy @suzydaviesam


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Greenwood Foresters Association

greenwood forestersCalling all members of the UK Greenwood Foresters Association set up by Bob and Grace Darling in the 1960’s … Who’s got the Keys?

As an early Member, I drove down to Greenwood, near Heathfield, and at the entrance of Greenwood there was a padlocked barrier so I couldn’t drive in. As no newsletter is being sent out by the Association any more, I am looking for other members who might know where I can get a key or who put the locked barrier up? Or, is the barrier still there?

Please let me know if you have any information or can be of help.

Thank you

~~~~~~~ <+))))))))>< ~~~ Waves from Grant. Member Reg. No. 800. Greenwood Foresters Association, (Wardrew Manor, Gilsland, Cumberland)