Where are they now?

“Where are they now?” revolves around our “curiosity” to know. There are always stray leads and lost threads that even the best search engine cannot seem to find.

One solution may be to use “Question and Answer” sites but those keen researchers that are willing to give their time to help others, only use the same search systems – albeit with greater advanced skills.

So here at “Where are they now” we post web logs about people, places, items and thoughts, in the hope that someone browsing the net will have a clue we can follow and get in contact.

Instead of saying “I wonder whatever happened to …… “, we are being proactive and posting a message online which can be similar to launching a message in a bottle, sticking a note4u somewhere or hiding a message in the real world using an augmented reality app. like walla.me

Have friends lost contact with us – or have we lost contact with them?
Web sites, like friendsreunited, helped countless thousands rediscover contacts and then keep in touch. Family Tree web sites are popular and the one called genesreunited, if taken to its ‘enth conclusion, will eventually offer a geno. scan for all subscribers which will access them to data on their complete ‘family’. Participants in this will find that almost everyone is related to them.

Also within, “Where are they now”, you will find questions like the one above about ‘John Smith’s Fruit Depot in Eardisland, U.K. because it looks un-loved but interesting.

I can confirm, this posting worked! We received an email about ‘John Smith’s Fruit Depot’ saying that they are building houses on the site at Eardisland. (Eardisland … the picturesque village on the River Arrow where they held a Water Festival once)

Try this “Where are they now?” on your own searchable site.

From ‘where’ to ‘what’ and ‘how’, our curiosity expands endlessly.

Here’s some of our examples to get you going on your own:

Where are the makers of “Hope Cheese” now?
Where are the makers of food grade floating boards for use in green eco-friendly raft hydroponic systems?
Where did the helpful Alan Scouse go to work?
Where are the owners of character-rich properties highlighted at www.derelictplaces.co.uk and the historical records of Gwrych Castle, Ruperra Castle and Hafodunos Llangemyw ?
Where are the murage records for Knighton issued in 1260 AD archived?
Where on Twitter, Linkedin is Pim Bongaerts (Inst. University of Queensland)?
Where are the makers of the excellent cement waterproofer I once used and did it involve Sodium Silicate?
Where in North Shrewsbury did Freda’s Son go (Jack Judd?) on leaving Castle Green?
Where does Sea Sapphirina go when you can’t see it?
Where did Swan Treasure direct Orso’s Musical?
Where did my email to Yellow Fish Project in Swansea land?
Where did the photos. of bomb craters in use as Fish Pools in Vietnam go?
Where did I put my contact details for Roger Sweeting Mawddach hatchery?
Where is the Powys CC Tourism Art Trail app. that Helen Bowen started?

Where do the dreams go that you forget?

Rhwydwaith Arloeswyr Cymru (Wales Innovators Network)

“Having the idea is very often the ‘easy bit’ – transforming inventive ideas into practical innovations for the market place is more difficult.”   (WIN – Wales Innovators Network,  2006)

Clutching a folio of over 100 product ideas, I attended my first WIN meeting in Newtown College, confident that together with a Mid Wales team of individual innovators and inventors, their support and practical assistance would progress each idea from screen and onto the shelves of the World. Thankfully, I awoke from this dream and those ideas remained uncommercialised. The Wales Innovators Network stopped meeting in Newtown and over time, stopped their Cardiff meetings too.

But if you imagine that the innovative ways of Wales cooled in any way, think on, because although WIN may have gone WIN grows on.

When getting together with a few members to ponder on “Whatever happened to WIN?” we discovered a WIN that’s at the forefront of innovative projects in Wales, namely the ‘Wales Innovation Network‘.

Perhaps the time is right to re-open that folio of 100 ideas and break some new ground with some new inventor-entrepreneurs and product champions!

Long live WIN

Welsh Animation Group / Grwp Animeiddwyr Cymru


Welsh Animation Group / Grwp Animeiddwyr Cymru

When is the next meeting?

Let me know.




The doggie lensman on the above W.A.G. logo was inspired by the character ‘Jerry the Tyke’ created by the Welsh animator Sid Griffiths. Here’s his first film: