Use words – sustain understanding

Before driving words to work this morning I had answered my txt, email and tweet messages and all the portals to my hand delivered mail lay flaky framed in brown, in white, across the passenger seat – proof of my index finger’s equal enthusiasm to help my world connect.

But attention spans fall.
Time to muse shrinks.
Ramblers gets left behind.
Anything beyond a meme is verbose.







So. my morning – reading and authoring.

My afternoon – sketching and designing.

My evening – eating, then placing torn envelopes and junk mail onto the compost and hearing that someone’s launched some of their waste into outer space. It’s a scale thing – some black hole will consume and recycle it for dinner in a few million years.

But before going to sleep, I faced this question of causing waste rather than recycling everything, by writing about the way things may go, if we go on the way we are:

NEW Theatre performance bursary in the making


Copy of promotional leaflet for The Puppet-Theatre of Gordon Murray 89 St. James’s Drive, London, S.W.17

I have found one clue to writing a bursary for theatre:

“The second type of bursary, also known as a “scholarship” or “prize“, is one based on performance. These awards are generally given for good performance in the exams preceding university or college entrance in which the student achieves grades above the standard entry. These can be awarded by the university, or, sometimes by companies.”

At this very moment, I’m researching:

I welcome any help in writing details for this new bursary fund.  Grant


Image details:
Theatre Programme in background for “The Witch’s Spell” by Audrey Thompson and “Faust” opera by Charles Gounod (Adapted for the puppet stage by Gilbert Bailey.  Puppeteers and voices: Gordon Murray, Joy Latham, Gilbert Bailey, Frida Taylor.  Musical Advisor: Adrian Cruft

Portrait in oil (top left) of Joy Latham by Arthur Taylor