Pam and Pat

Pam is thrifty, loves to knit
Pat is fifty two.
Both are busy as you see
Making clothes for you.

Each design is cut and sewn
Each requires a name
Pat is modeling ‘Jester’
Pam wears ‘Quilt’ again.

When you have a birthday
Be sure to see their store
Of fancy hats, fancy shoes
Fancy gloves and more.

Illustration : Ollie Tomlinson

(c) 1996, 2010 World of Water (Reg. Charity 327188)

Storytelling Projects: The live telling of a compelling tale

interactive storytellingOnce upon a time, a very long time ago, there were no storytellers.

Today, as millions of people upload video-diaries and self-publish books, articles and blogs, you might think the World was overflowing with storytellers. This is not the case. However, the result of all this activity is an abundance of raw story material that we storytellers use to evoke our rich tapestry for the community’s entertainment.

The Storyteller’s skill is to gather threads from many sources and weave them into yarns thereby keeping the Oral Tradition alive and updated. By audience participation, we make a valuable contribution to the self-confidence and personal motivation of learners.

Each Storyteller evolves a style of storytelling.

My personal style of storytelling often incorporates fresh elements and storyline suggestions from the audience as living tales evolve. This gives my audiences a degree of control over story direction as it flows. My natural manner, part-improvised, comes from the earliest oral tradition of community life – when people met, stories were told.

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Image below:
Poster produced for our first public storytelling as
part of the
Birmingham Readers and Writers Festival.

interactive storytelling