I drive words to work

My offer to you

Before your next audience of tens or thousands, pitch your stories to me, live, on Zoom or Skype.

Invite my mind to work on your behalf, interactively, real-time,  in a way that nobody close to you will ever do.





Print is just part of it.

As more books, articles, blogs, tweets, emails and thread comments are now written than will ever be read, the success of your writings has to come from the way you deliver words in your podcasts, vids. trailers and at live events.

You are now the main story

Whilst you are on stage, anyone in your audience can be spreading your stories globally  – sharing them as spoken live, capturing them during question time and at improvised face-to-face meetings.

So during live events, meetings, signings, interviews, talks and trade shows, your voiced words and actions need to be informative, inspiring, attention-holding and entertaining. Words which once worked for you when displayed as text, now require intonation, motioned-delivery and pace changes to match your widening audience.

My backstory

My early work with words started alongside the legendary copywriter Dave Southall, producing harder working words for a whole range of organisations including Refugee and Migrant Justice, the Council of Europe, Channel 4, Stoves, MTV, Prodrive, the National Maritime Museum.

In 1985 I co-founded TVRT studios, writing radio ads., sets for MC’s, DJ’s, musicians.

Combining my writing and visualising skills, I co-founded an interior design company, started the Little People Books imprint, joined two architectural firms, a marketing group, an educational partnership and supported a registered charity whilst managing my own company, GJA – Concept and Presentation.

My central focus is now on developing the HoBB Field Centre as a place to host friends, clients, events organisers, fellow writers, researchers and many visiting international students interested in sustainable growth, food security and global ecological balance.

I’ll design the way your words will take you forward :

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Grant’s Art and Function when telling your story, is to …..

“Storytellers are the direct medium between the story and the audience, able to change pace, alter or explain a difficult point, dramatize or play down an event, according to the needs of those listening.”

  [The Art of the Storyteller by Beverley Mathias]

I write and present stories designed to:

* bring issues into the open,
* raise questions and
* expand your listener’s understanding.

I tell stories to:

*  extend your audiences’ thoughts on real or imagined worlds,
*  stimulate your listeners’ creative imagination,
*  create an appetite for words, and
*  introduce the shared activity of storytelling – from author or teller to audience”.

I send stories ‘travelling’ in books, vids. and podcasts but more effectively, I bring them in person, face-to-face for your audience.

I welcome all new opportunities to author, illustrate and use stories at events and informal get-togethers. Contact me and tell me about your intended audience – their age range, interests and listening experience.

Contact Grant to share stories and make new ones.

Grant’s a natural. I wouldn’t hesitate booking him for any storytelling” (Graham Langley)

“Grant is helping my new social networking club, by ideas and recruiting new members. Thanks Grant!.”  [David Corking, Space Exploration Club.

“Thank you for the beneficial effect your course has had on the whole of the administration department. The staff are more committed and positive in their approach to their daily tasks, the whole atmosphere in the department has improved 1000%”   [ Ms.K.C. Cole, Head of Admin / Systems Manager, Washwood Heath School, Birmingham.]

“We had the pleasure of working on a Community project especially designed round the work that we carry on within the Property & Development Industry. I and my colleagues thoroughly enjoyed seeing how receptive the children were and would have no hesitation in asking Grant to do something similar in the future ”   [Lorna D. Biddle, Morrison Developments Ltd.]

“Grant has an extremely intuitive insight to determine the true essence of my holistic security model platform. Such wisdom of enlightenment cannot go unnoticed by me.   [Michael Stephen Ruiz]

“Grant is a fast thinking, inspirational, dynamic and exceptional creative. He enjoys people, communication and sharing ideas for overall benefit – a fabulous guy, adorable and charming.” [Diane Stafford]

“Grant is splendiferous at sparking creative juices to flowing and making one think.”  [Christie Sureus]


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KK & Genie Mouse – told by Grant

KK & Genie Mouse – a story about a kitten rescued from drowning by a theatre caretaker who helps prevents a mob of rats taking over the theatre as their Northern business headquarters.

The spoiler:

By accident, the actions of the kitten brings in new audiences with a little help from a magic genie mouse stranded in the props. department after an Aladdin Production.

Yes, the plot includes a deep love story that often causes me to shed real tears with my audience.

The story is performed live on location alongside a projection of over 150 illustrations.



KK the musical

“This show would make a great musical”.

Many have told me this but where to start? If you want to help me or just enjoy collaborating on musical storytelling,  say hello.

“This story runs like a pantomime.”

If you are a new Producer looking for a new panto., let’s talk.