Rustic Field Gates and Doors (Update)


Rustic Field Gates and DoorsRustic Gates, designed and crafted by Grant

With wood, directly sourced from your own land, Grant designs and crafts gates in keeping and fully linked with your environment.

“If you are a gate and door enthusiast like me and want something special rather than an off-the-shelf standard gate,  let’s get together – who knows what openings may result!”  (Grant)

Films in development

Grant at The HoBB TV




SHORT FILMS presently in development at Gingerman Studios

HewNarration over 4 drawn toons.  Duration:  3:30 mins
HoboGen (Lunar Power)  Part documentary. Part presented. Story drawn over green screen giving a 2D Tiltbrush look. Duration: 5 mins.
Jim’s Gym. Part live action cut into voiceover slideshow using toon cut-outs like puppets. Duration: 3:30 mins


Ring in the New.  Part drawn toon stills. Part live on location. One studio set. Part animation. Duration: c. 25 to 40 mins
Orphan KK.  Greenscreen slide show as backdrop to live theatre. Opening and closing sequences, live and on location.  Duration c. 45 mins

storyboard design



My Creative Track Record:


Poetry track: Bellerach. 

Live Storytelling.(blog)        My Hat  (Recording)

Artwork  – Slideshow. Duration 55 seconds


Books:   Page layout.   22 Phonemes early readers.    44+ Phonemes

Set Design

Exhibitions :  The future & history of aquaculture

FILMSJim’s Gym (Area: Obesity).   Hew  (Area: Global Wildlife Food Security).   HoBoGen (The Story of Lunar Power).  Ring in the New.  (Slot: New Year following midnight chimes).  Orphan KK

FAQ:  Why do I do what I do?
Answer: To promote a perpetually sustainable clean World habitat.