Away in a Manger, one quid for a garden design gem

manger in Garden DesignAlongside the top terrace, beneath the newly planted White Wisteria, we’ve formed a railing from three sections of an old manger which cost us just one (UK) pound in a local farm auction – and we love it.

If you are over this way on a Wednesday and have never experienced the buzz of a local auction, let us know and we’ll introduce you.

Trying to find instant maturity to blend-in around here, often delays the finish of features but we can afford the luxury of delay on our own project house. Most internal and external features at the HoBB ‘grow’ as we find the next piece they need regardless of the ‘wait’.

This method of incremental architecture allows us to enjoy the art of construction in many ways. Visiting friends contribute their thoughts and actions to HoBB features in the same way that Cairns in Scotland are often built, one rock at a time, and by returning to a feature with freshened eyes it remains alive.

Some see the many features at the HoBB as ‘unfinished’, but they are ‘in progress’ and grow as steadily as our young trees. Gardeners, and farmers, are forever seeing the changes they cultivate and I have been both farmer and gardener in my time.

Many modern makers of finished ‘product’ remain proudly attached to their finished works and in this ‘build and move on’ climate, too few remain in touch with their former ‘babies’ long enough to experience their growing pains. When I design a garden I enjoy seeing it grow more than designing it.

If you are right at the start of a garden re-think and want to bat ideas around you are welcome to say hi when over this way. Drop me a line.

Chinese Signage

Reproduction Chinese Shop Front Sign in Burred OakUsing a slab of Welsh oak from a woodworm farm, some careful island cutting, then painting, this replica Chinese Sign has now guided the makers of a full set of signs in use on a new shop frontage.

Designed and constructed here at HoBB Real, this design model made use of sound wood that whilst riddled with both woodworm and death watch beetle attack, provided the antiqued look required. The sheet was bonded to a new backing board after cutting the letterform then treated with a preservative to halt further infestation. After drying fully, this sample was bees waxed but those on the shop front will have a coating of resin.

In case you are wondering, the Chinese Characters used are for Water, Fire, Earth, Stone and Metal as these elements guide the work of our good friends David and Rose.

I’ve reclaimed willow wood with wet rot, turned tree stumps into fern planters but this is the first time that I’ve been so close to the devastation caused by insect larvae attack. Some of the eating patterns even looked like computer circuit boards!

Width 50cm , Height 45cm

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