Living Pillars of Light for the Garden

living garden downlightsIt might work. It has taken a while but the living base sections for a series of outdoor lights have now grown with regular pruning and these will be ‘topped’ by half globe translucent all-weatherproof shades.

Each one of these living topiary pillars scattered around the HoBB Garden site will be supporting small ivy-covered domes to form down-lighters for gentle night illumination. (see diag.)

I know the effect I want to see as the light (cold light) shines through the ivy domes and highlights the topiary bases. Once I visualised it and got it down onto paper the rest was in the hands of ‘time’. The bases have been 5 years growing but could have been planted ‘fresh’ by bringing new plants to site but I may have been tempted to arrange these in a straight line or with some symmetry. By adapting the ‘nature’ that was existent, I have allowed the outcome of previous plants men to be incorporated into my designs.

I have never been the sort of Garden designer that turns up with a big skip at the front door, scrapes the garden flat and ditches the past ready to lay out fresh imported ‘everything’s’. There are few areas that demand such a ‘total’ swipe-out – most gardens have some fine specimens and very useful plants even when the new design being followed calls for 100% change.

The trick is to work with nature and compound the best – don’t ask me how confident I am that this more traditional Feng-Shui approach will be the norm in the future because too few gardeners that appear on television take this approach.

I recall one panel of garden experts on a radio programme giving advice about total re-designs and all but one suggested effectively destroying existing plants and buying in new. This is frequently the typical westernised view of even gardens designed to incorporate Feng-Shui principals.

And if you are wondering who the wonderful gardener was that said she always tries to re-home plants and she couldn’t even think about destroying the life of a garden or pot plant, it was Pippa Greenwood.

Yo Pippa! Respect! Plants are for life, not just for Christmas.

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We are busy celebrating 10 years of visualising and illustration – any excuse!

We are busy celebrating 10 years of visualising and illustration - any excuse!We were travelling north and we suddenly felt like celebrating, so stopped off in Bakewell, had a slap up breakfast in a cafe, resisted buying their Bakewell Tarts but sat sipping tea and covering our two paper serviettes with doodles of dancing eggs and cutlery.

It’s risky to leave any piece of paper close-by as it beckons the creative hand and teases out the inventive threads of ink to dance the way of the mind.

Often a ‘doodle’ will do the trick when communicating ideas and concepts and I believe that ‘drawing’ is as much an International Language as English. It could be a more International Language if everyone could draw or simply doodle out their thoughts to each other.

If you see ‘drawing’ as a skill that should be taught as a language, I would love to hear from you. Say “hi” offline or online.

If you know of a centre to empower children with this international skill, send the details to me and I will put up a link to their work.

Waves ~~~~~~~~~ <+))))))))>< ~~~ Grant