My imagined drawing of Covid19 before the first press release.

I had a couple of invitations to draw at live events during year one of the UK’s Covid 19 lockdown.  At one event I was challenged to visualise the possible ‘look’  of the virus before any actual images appeared in the press.

Here’s a detail from my first impression, titled, ‘Before the Wise’ [full drawing follows beneath it]


By the time I shared my drawing on twitter and deviantart, the press was full of actual enhanced images of the virus. But as we all know viruses mutate so maybe  one day it will  match my imagination!


covid 19 , Artist’s impression by Grant

I don’t make a big habit of guessing the look of viruses but in 2009 the H1N1 Pandemic (H1N1pdm09 virus)  caught by attention and I did this visualisation of its effect on the mind :

An imagined visualisation of the 2009 H1N1 Pandemic (H1N1pdm09 virus) and its hold on the mind (slip traced on unfired clay, by Grant
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Just inside any one of Elf’s storybooks you may find another much smaller book.

Look inside it and you may find a link, a note, a thought, a doodle or even a password from Elf.  It was one of his cutest ideas and we liked it. Keep it safe, dry, out of sunlight and never take it to the Isle of Man for the Fynoderee, St Trinnians Buggane, Manannán or Fodwys to see.

If you follow a link, like a yellow brick road, it may take you to something completely different.

If you receive a note,  it make take you through Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Ti and back to Do on a magical musical tour.

If you read a thought that resonates well, you may share it and it may go viral (and change the World).

If you find a lost doodle, it might be part of a great big jigsaw pattern that you can finish.

If you find a password,  schh! It’s best not to tell anyone. A password can be a key to a secret world as Elf found out. Hide it. Keep it safe in your mind only.


Illustration and little book design on loan from Grant’s Gallery of Gorgeous Flumjacks & Gadoooooodles