A snapshot of our recent drawn Image Projects includes:

A group of dinosaur characters (early stages for a pitch). One designed to be a soft toy.
Two maps (Ready for site interpretation board)
Three golden torcs (Tenders for plated base metal sought)
A family of elves, imps, goblins (For a series of Children’s Books)
Elf houses and scenery (For photo-shoots)
Cinderella characters (For a Braille Moon publication)
Rabbit lost property operatives (For Children’s Book)
A Ragdoll toy (To accompany a Children’s Book)

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Exploring Débris Exhibition

Sketch 1 of 266:
Grant. Study of Kitchen Compost; pencil, 18.5×20.6cm: together with a glazed miniature ceramic of drawing attributed to Joy Latham, British 1922-2013, 6.5×6.5×1,4cm, (2)
(The World of Water Collection of Books & Paintings)

Kitchen Compost I Detail of first in a series of Grant’s drawings exploring the changes to freshly added, recognisable food waste forms on top of existing decaying débris.



The Green Show

Illustration produced for Spearhead Design / The GREEN SHOW (Ref: FB/8.20  100323)

From the first Green Show to Spring Greens Fair please support those heroes who tackle our shared ‘one world’ problems and battle for :

Clean Soil
Waste Minimalisation
Clean Water
Sustainable Development
Life Conservation
Community concerns
Energy Efficiency
Clean Food
Public Transport
Straight Communications
A Quality Future for all

See who else is battling with us

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