Is it a Well? Is it a Spring?

IMAGENAMEHEREA constant trickle of water runs across the water meadow above us and we aim to put this water source to good use year round in the HoBB Gardens. It once supplied the HoBB kitchen a very long time ago but since mains water was connected, the system has eroded.

A new concrete base has been laid only big enough to build a collection tank upon. From this point, the water that overflows will be diverted to a storage tank and will supply a drinking trough for the Black Sheep.

Most of the HoBB Gardens are below this holding tank level so by gravity we should be able to water the lot! After storage systems are in place, we’ll work out the connecting piping and hope that as each winter arrives and we have drain down the entire system, none of the pipes retain water that freezes and opens any joints.

Can you detect an idea growing in my mind for a “Plumber’s Creativity Weekend” ???? Interested water enthusiasts should make themselves known and contact us!

Hmmmm ~~~~~~~~~~ <+))))))))>< ~~~ waves from Grant

Do it yourself roof thatching

Do it yourself roof thatchingHave you ever built and thatched a roof or wished to have a go? We’re going to have a go one summer as we like the look of thatched buildings.

Starting small, the Tank House (see picture) needs to look picturesque, so we have started to grow some foliage (Hedera) around its walls then construct the roof avoiding the overhanging Holly Tree , then try our hand at thatching the roof. Anyone fancy giving us a hand at some future time should get in touch.

Thatched roofs are not too common in this region but within this area of the UK, there is a growing movement towards using environmentally friendly construction materials. I worked for a while at the UK ‘Centre for Alternative Technology’ (C.A.T.) , and as it is just west of here near the coast, I think it triggered the local environmentally friendly climate.

The nearest thatched houses are a 12 minute drive east of the HoBB Gardens.

The nearest Hay Bale building is 12 minutes west.

A little further west is one of the largest UK distributors of organic foods

and C.A.T. (Centre for Alternative Technology) is on the west coast.

Is it any wonder that this area is full of music, spirit, arts and crafts along with loads of individuals exploring holistic health methods.

Now where was I …’Thatching’. Apparently, the most long lasting thatch in the UK is made from imported Water Reed but as I want to use home grown reed, if you know the full species name of the reed grown for thatching and maybe where I can get a few plants to start off my ‘roof cultivation unit’ then please let me know.

Waves as the wind blows through the water reeds of my planning,
~~~~~~~ <+))))))))>< ~~~ Grant