Is it a Well? Is it a Spring?

IMAGENAMEHEREA constant trickle of water runs across the water meadow above us and we aim to put this water source to good use year round in the HoBB Gardens. It once supplied the HoBB kitchen a very long time ago but since mains water was connected, the system has eroded.

A new concrete base has been laid only big enough to build a collection tank upon. From this point, the water that overflows will be diverted to a storage tank and will supply a drinking trough for the Black Sheep.

Most of the HoBB Gardens are below this holding tank level so by gravity we should be able to water the lot! After storage systems are in place, we’ll work out the connecting piping and hope that as each winter arrives and we have drain down the entire system, none of the pipes retain water that freezes and opens any joints.

Can you detect an idea growing in my mind for a “Plumber’s Creativity Weekend” ???? Interested water enthusiasts should make themselves known and contact us!

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World of Water Ltd

oil pollution and we still get out the deck chairsHelp us to make one central demand on behalf of water life –  to demand unpolluted water so that all water-reliant life has a healthy home to live in.

Healthy life depends on a clean environment. It’s good that there is a ‘Clean Air Act’ but this needs to be backed up with a global campaign to create ‘Clean Water and Clean Land Acts’

Circa 600 B.C. Persia
The religion of the Ancient Persians, Zoroastrianism, forbad the discharge of any filth into rivers.

1810 A.D. Britain
The introduction  of modern water-carriage sewage disposal in towns and cities legally allowed the transfer of human filth from the streets into the rivers and on to the ocean.

1876 A.D. Britain
The River Pollution Act made it an offence to discharge solid or liquid sewage including any poisonous or polluting liquid from any factory manufacturing and mining process.

What’s legal in the World today?
Oil slicks? Polluted Beaches? Untreated Effluents? Toxic Waste dumping at Sea? Inorganic farm run off? Too much of this and a whole lot more.

Putting it right the easy way.Everyone puts their weight, their energy and their funds into halting the ways of pollution that have spread globally due to the pressure humans are putting on the planet as the global consumer society expands.

Getting the message across.
Through example and education we need to convince everyone that future generations will require a clean environment so they can continue to develop the future  of humankind. What we do today, hits tomorrow before it’s born.

Through displays, exhibitions and talks the UK charity ‘World of Water’ have continuously called for Clean Water Action.  Time ticks. Time tocks. The move from a call for action to direct action is now on the near horizon.

If you are an ecognomic warrior, keen on designing the many ways required to clean up the global act and you wish to plan their advance, say hello – make the links.

If you know of any Environmental Centre, School, Library, Gallery or Business place that needs support to communicate better water ways, let us know or get them to contact us.

‘World of Water’ argues that we all need to work hard on the ‘long haul’ towards balancing the effect of civilisation growth with the natural world.  No short fixes. Plenty of new ways to be worked through and old ways to be bettered.

World of Water’s web site
Thanks to the local Powys County Council who hosted and funded the first World of Water web site for so long. Due to some vital council cut backs we have moved server and can be found at

The World and all life forms need to have pollution-free water and nobody can escape this need.  So as we are all working together on this one common global issue, it’s about time we committed ourselves to being both friends and life members of this World of Water.

Everyone and anyone is welcome to join with World of Water so long as they continue to grow a caring nature and give a helping hand. You might already qualify as a member of World of Water so dowload and print your personal certificate – it’s waiting for you! It’s free.

We must all make sure that everyone realises the need to be an everlasting friend to this single World of Water cause and if you have any fun, wonderful and workable ideas for better water use, awakening events or message penetrating activities that will help waterlife, please contact us.

We like exploratory chat, realistic optimism, and people with the drive to achieve the best results for all.

… people who care make waves.