000226Recent News from FRIENDS of the HoBB

Cult animator, Doug Wilson, has published a wildly dark comic book – details at

Bradley Shields has forwarded details to WoW about the following publications: “Aquaculture in ancient Hawaii,” by Barry Costa-Pierce, BioScience, May 1987, Vol. 37 No.,5; and “Prehistoric Hawaiian fishponds,” by William K. Kikuchi in Science July 23, 1976. This will be useful in updating WoW’s page on the History of Aquaculture.

The World of Water Museum / Book Collections/ Aquaculture section, has just aquired a copy of  “A Handy Guide To Fish Culture Or Fish Culture Being Specially Designed For The Use Of Amateurs  And For Guidance In The Improvements of Fisheries” by ARMISTEAD J.J. Published by: The Angler Ltd. Scarborough 1897. Edition: 1st Edn..

The World of Water Picture Library has supplied an image of the World’s first School of Aquaculture opened by J.J. Armistead, for inclusion in Peter Brigg’s book “Call of the Stream” (Subject: History of Trout Acclimatisation and Fly Fishing in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa).



Stories Live and in the Making

After five years of performing stories and poems at the HoBB Gardens with guests and volunteers, and at public readings and slams, I’ve started to record a few. Here’s a link to my first – Bellarach.

Vids next, although I don’t know much about editing so things will get uploaded unedited, raw / first take.  Don’t just take my word for it, go and look at our first animation film shot at the HoBB for the World of Water charity whilst making pizza in the dark.

I like to collaborate on all my projects and Little People Books launched with the help of fellow artists Peter Scott  and Mitch Mitchell.

When in Bishop’s Castle, Shropshire, UK,  let’s meet at the first Poetry Pharmacy in the World

Here’s some screen shots of our first Little People Books web site which is now archived. I put it here to remind me to podcast, podcast, podcast.