Being a Dynamo Project Role Model

“Being a Dynamo Project Role Model gives me the chance to help with the countrywide growth of entrepreneurial spirit – never more needed than now  as our Country continues to borrow money, import goods that it could make and import food it could grow. We live in silly times dominated by too many who hold on to power for personal reasons. I remain ever energized to encourage and deliver home growth so that we may give of our healthiest best when contributing to the World stage and its performance.” (Grant 2006)

Project Dynamo
Project Dynamo

In the words of Jane Davidson AM – Minister for Education and Lifelong Learning (2006) :

We need more people with imagination and motivation to set up enterprises and create exciting opportunities for themselves and others.

This means sowing the seeds in all walks of life, especially among young people in our schools and colleges. Our young people need to be entrepreneurially confident to play a full and active part in the economy.

I believe that our young people have talent, flair and ability in abundance. Entrepreneurship education seeks to harness this talent to ensure it matures and helps develop an enterprising culture for Wales.

Through programmes of entrepreneurship education we aim to ensure that Wales has a new generation, imbued with a “can-do” attitude and driven by an entrepreneurial spirit.

The Youth Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Strategy (YES) is focused on 3 main action areas for this work:


I look forward to schools and colleges everywhere grasping this opportunity, taking advantage of the programmes and to seeing this work bearing fruit in the years ahead.”

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“What’s Wanted” Adverts

What’s Wanted AdvertsEver heard someone make comment on “What’s Wanted”? Well if you have or you know what is wanted yourself, publish it, spread the word, and gather supporters.

Whilst the internet remains mostly full of freely shared thoughts, it is the perfect point in history for all those who feel they know and understand what is needed in a situation, to write about it, broadcast it and muster the people needed to accomplish it.

The internet is thought to be the best marketing tool ever created but it is also the best way that everyone has ever had to spread their thoughts and plans Worldwide. Your thoughts need sharing as much as the next person’s. As with any communication system, you will find it is also used by those whose thoughts are alien to you, spreading words you totally disagree with, but the internet welcomes your words too in equal standing – so type them and share.

When I have heard someone comment on “What’s Wanted”, I have usually been at an airport or in a pub and have never thought of taking notes. Now, I look forward to reading how the World ticks on a daily basis and in such a direct person-to-person way that it is not edited nor made glossy by professional producers.

If you are a good voice looking for a great platform, the internet provides the speed, low cost and global coverage. If you are not sure how to take your first step, let me know and I’ll see if I can give you some guidelines.

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