Emojis and Smileys at The HoBB

Once smitten by that certain smiley
You’ll start seeing them everywhere.

Here’s a few … three bubbles, one Poo

In memory of the first smiley T-Shirt we designed with Peter Scott M.A.


Within the Wise

Hidden inside ever simple solution
Is a host of solved problems.

Wisedom arrives after many episodes
Of pained failure.

From my drawing board today, a surprise:

‘Within the Wise’

Ink on paper

w.  420mm  x  h.  297mm

[detail shown, followed by full picture]

Second in ‘Wise’ series.


1st in series: ‘Before the Wise’ [also known as C19 as it was the first drawing to leave my studio at the beginning of the covid 19 lockdown]