Greetings Cards – 100 New Designs up for grabs to help UK Children’s Environmental Charity

Greetings Cards – 100 New Designs up for grabs to help UK Children's Environmental CharityIf you are a printer or publisher who wants to work with over 100 unpublished fantastic illustrations like the one shown here, contact me and experience the fun secret world of the ‘Nine Tenets’. The water colour painting shown above is one example from this collection which went on display to the public in 1996 as part of the ‘Nine Tenets Exhibition’.

Now, for the first time on the World market, the World publishing Rights to this wonderous collection have been kindly donated to the UK Environmental Charity, World of Water (WoW is Reg. UK Charity 327188).

All designs are new and have never been printed.

WoW invites Greetings Card publishers and printers to our fun negotiating table. Be interested, be very interested. Your profits need increasing and this Charity needs funds and publicity for its vital work so contact me to set up a meeting before your competitors.

You will enjoy looking through this collection – your market will love it and the content will cause a publicity storm!

Publicity of this Opportunity begins here, Online and Now, networking amongst friends and their contacts. Later this year we start contacting greetings card publishers directly.

World of Water Waves ~~~~~~~~~ <+))))))))>< ~~~ Grant

Fireman’s Pole Wanted

IMAGENAMEHEREI have heard that the system of getting down to fire engines is changing, and that there just might be a few fireman’s poles needing to be re-cycled.

If you have one (in the U.K.) that you can donate to the HoBB Gardens please get in touch.

Behind the HoBB Barn, the land rises to above the roof ridge and because of the tradition farmhouse layout of building into the hillside, it is a long walk around in order to get to ground level. A fireman’s pole would be ideal.

Contact me if you have or know of any Fire Station that may be disposing of their pole.

Waves from the HoBBian Hills , ~~~~~~~~ <+))))))))>< ~~~ Grant