The New Adventures of Eddy Champion – told by Grant

The little living spark that is *Eddy Champion is ready for new adventures.

In his first adventure, Eddy Champion (ISBN No. 1 899573 003) make a daring rescue of a drowning snail caught in a torrent of drain water on a stormy night.

In his next adventure, Eddy battles against ‘The Deleator’ whose single aim is to rid the planet of every insect and pest he doesn’t like.

Eddy supports the environmental concerns of millions from his Caster Cave deep below the turf and always champions the  environmental concerns of even the smallest of creatures – those who too often get overlooked and neglected.

We need your help on the next issue of “Eddy Champion”, so if you are good at sketching, writing, drawing cartoons or want to be an editor, we want to hear from you, especially if you are also battling for :

Clean Soil
More Recycling
Better Quality Life Conservation
Clean Fresh Food
Perpetually Sustainable Development
Creating improved Public Transport
The best Future
The Pursuit of Happiness
Straight Communications
Energy Efficiency
Waste Minimalisation
Fresh unpolluted Water for all – including whales and shrimps!

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Menopause v. Womenopause

IMAGENAMEHEREHas anyone out there started a group for guys that gives them all the information they need to have to hand when living alongside an active menopause in full flow?

I first experienced these, difficult to understand, circumstances when a young teenager, living at home, unable to fathom why my mother was sometimes out of sorts to the MAX! Thankfully, I was cherishing my own adolescent upheavals at the time so figured most of the world was 5 steps short of where they should be coming from anyway. Having a parent go off at a tangent as well was neat, but I never realised that they were being taken by the big hormone juggler as well.

Since growing up (well, I try!) I still cannot work out why the metabolism needs to create changes that cause shock waves. I can understand the physiological changes and have witnessed the results but I am none the wiser as to why Mother Nature runs the show in the way she does.

There are a few interesting web sites for women tackling the “change”. I’ve read through many in search of understanding far deeper things than the condition itself, but they are all, quite logically, written from the ‘gurls’ point of view. Athough a few guys post questions to bulletin boards, few get answers that guide them in riding the storms. Maybe, the answers all need working out on an individual basis but like those storms at sea, the more you study the action of the rising and falling waves, the more you learn how to design stabilisers for those making the journey.

Waves ~~~~ surfacing ~~~~~ <+))))))))>< ~~~ Grant