Making Plans and Following Dreams

Making Plans and Following DreamsOnce a sheep farm deep in the Shropshire / Radnorshire borderlands, ‘HoBB Real’ now has another life: as an oasis of thought, real action and energy renewal.

This is the place to action your plans alongside creative thinkers. We provide the setting and make the opportunities for friends to tackle their own projects and for volunteering in and around the organic gardens.

Our moments usually include making features and special places, Qi Gong meditation, walking, designing ‘dream’ habitats, lifestyle design, wild foraging, understanding perspective and the art of balancing life.

Naturally, during private projects and the personal programmes of friends, the HoBB Project House and Gardens remain ‘reserved’ for the duration. But around this part of the World in Wales, there are many Castles, an annual Victorian Street Fest., the famous Hay-on-Wye literature festival, the Centre for Alternative Technology, National Parks, Portmerion, music weekends, stone carving courses and many Easter, Summer and Autumn Family Activity Holidays.

The HoBB is a meeting place for thoughts and a working place for realising dreams. It has grown a character and atmosphere of its own nestled within its vegetable, herb, and flower gardens, black mountain sheep, mature native trees and living structures all surrounded by the green hills and meeting waters of England and Wales.

We want International friends to benefit from a progressive time here so have a good chat with us first before you set off to visit us.

Welcoming Waves ~~~~~~~~~ <+))))))))>< ~~~ Grant

Tree of Heaven (Ailanthus altissima)


The tree of heaven gets its name from its height. Originally from N. China, it can grow up to 27m (c. 90ft) if you let it, but we love it for its three foot long leaves and tolerance to coppicing.

Our young specimen tree was rescued from an overgrown area in a local garden centre.

We have become a heavenly sanctuary for many plants ‘at risk’ – plants that are overgrowing or overcrowding their conditions or those that owners were simply going to destroy because they didn’t fancy them any more and wanted a change. The RSPCA still fight against this attitude in some pet owners to this very day.

Plants are ‘alive’, don’t just kill them, gift them. (OK .. so we are lucky to have the space for a 350ft giant like Sequoia hey! Hmmmmmmmm!)

Waves from the HoBBian Hills ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ <+))))))))>< ~~~ Grant