Life tuning and turning through Life Expansion Experiences

Life tuning and turning through Life Expansion ExperiencesWe are always working to evolve a better environment at the HoBB, where friends can re-tune and re-align their intuitive ‘self’. An America friend, Meghan, calls this ‘life expansion experiences’. The motto of “Get out and try something totally different” springs to mind.

For us, we are simply trying ‘something different’ at the HoBB, then sharing it.

Most friends who pop over to see us at ‘HoBB Real’ tell us that there are always things going on and new things to see here. Even those who look over the postings here at HoBB Virtual conclude that everything at HoBB Real must be always busy. It’s not so that busy! I don’t view this sleepy backwater of trees and fields as being especially busy at all. It’s not a ‘busy place’ in the same way as London’s Piccadilly Circus or the trading floor of a stock exchange, nor is it like the last mid-summer watering hole for hosts of African desert wildlife.

The busy side of the HoBB occurs in the mind and part of it translates into a physical state.

As we would like to see more of our HoBBian thoughts materialise, we promote them here and in meetings, so if at any time you read of something that interests you and you would like to further it, contact us for an update.

Life exists to have ‘life expansion experiences’ and although I don’t suggest you do something every day to change your life, it would be a very interesting life if you did.

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Florence Tapiau / Environment Journalist / Wwoofing at The HoBB

logo on cardWwoof is a big family of opportunity for cultural, farming, and friendly exchanges. This unique experience allows one to discover alternative ways of living, to be welcomed into families who have the consciousness of an environmental life-style and the curiosity to meet new people who can help them with their projects. I want to present to you my opinion about a Wwoof which merits a lingering visit.

Maybe there are a thousand ways to fall under the charm of The HoBB, [HoBB is the name of the farm]. Immersed in the hills of Wales, Helen and Grant are a couple of Artist- Farmers who have built a prodigious project where the architectural elements blend in with nature. The garden contains hidden little parts of paradise which each has a particular character of its own: Some have been made with ivy, elsewhere we walk under a vegetable arch, further on we pass a lovely original wooden gate and arrive in front of a strange house where its “feet” are constructed in “stone trunks” … This is just a little preview – of some of the magic that you can feel in this exceptional place.

To travel to this Wwoof, the bus connections were a real brain teaser, but if you really take the time to pass over these transport difficulties, you don’t regret it. In this “jardin extraordinaire” [extraordinary garden] all is conceived with recycling things from the farm and in collaboration with the insects and other natural species. During the morning promenades, Grant was pleased to explain projects, stories and their realisation on site, which allowed me to adopt this magic place.

The interior of the house reflects of course the originality of the hosts. Everyday my eyes discovered a new illustration or curious object. Helen prepared delicious meals like the best chefs with her companion Tuppence, a very kind white boxer. The warm welcome offered to me, with my own private bedroom and bathroom and moreover, Internet access.

My experience in The HoBB was really enriching on all levels, in the physical work as well as mental and spiritual opportunities. I have learned about construction, including building techniques, correct use of tools, and I improve my English with their patience to explain to me the vocabulary, I laughed, I dreamt… With his genuous craziness, Grant has very good advice and he motivated me and helped me to the realisation of my higher dream. Nothing is impossible – just do it!

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Note: The above was translated from the original French (published below)

La grande famille des WWOOF offre de véritables échanges culturel, fermier et d’amitié. Cette experience unique permet de découvrir des modes de vie alternatifs, en étant accueilli chez des gens soucieux de l’environnement, et curieux de nouvelles rencontres pouvant les aider dans leur projet. Je souhaite vous présenter mon opinion sur une wwoof qui mérite vraiment de s’y attarder.

Il existe peut-être 1000 façons de tomber sous le charme de la HoBB, c’est ainsi que se nomme cette ferme. Imergés dans les collinnes du Pays de Galles, Helen et Grant, un couple d’artistes fermiers, ont construit un projet prodigieux où l’architecture se mêle merveilleusement à la Nature. Les jardins recèlent de coins de paradis qui ont tous un caractère particulier : certains sont façonnés par le lierre, ailleurs on passe sous des arches végétales, plus loin on traverse un portail en bois très original pour arriver devant une étrange maison dont les pieds, encore en construction, sont des troncs en pierre. Ce ne sont que certains details de la magie que vous pourrez ressentir dans cet endroit exceptionnel.

Pour arriver à cette wwoof, les correspondances des bus ressemblent à un casse-tête, mais prenez vraiment le temps de surpasser ces difficultés de transport, vous ne le regretterez pas. Dans ce jardin extraordinaire, tout est conçu en recyclant les déchêts de la ferme et en collaboration avec la vie des insectes et autres espèces naturelles. Lors des promenades matinales, Grant se fait un plaisir d’expliquer les projets, les histoires et les réalisations, ce qui permet d’adopter aisément ce lieu magique.

L’intérieur de la maison reflète bien évidemment l’originalité de leurs hôtes. Dans une dominante de bois, les yeux découvrent tous les jours une nouvelle illustration ou un objet farfelu. Helen prepare des délicieux repas dignes d’un grand chef, en compagnie de Tuppence, un boxer blanc très gentil. L’accueil est chaleureux et soigné. Les wwoofers disposent d’une chambre et d’une salle de bain privatives, ainsi que d’un accès à internet.

Mon expérience dans la HoBB a été vraiment enrichissante sur tous les niveaux, tant sur le travail physique que sur les activités mentales et spirituelles. J’ai appris des techniques de construction et la correcte utilisation d’outils, j’ai amélioré mon anglais grâce à leur patience à expliquer leur vocabulaire, j’ai rit, j’ai rêvé, en bref je me suis régalée ! Par son génial grain de folie, Grant a de très bons conseils, il m’a motivé et m’a aidé à la réalisation de mon plus grand rêve. Rien n’est impossible, il suffit de le faire.

Thank you very much


Florence Tapiau, Environment Journalist, Reporting from The HoBB.

A HoBB guest posting by : Florence Tapiau