Biological and chemical plant warfare?

Ivy v. Nettles, or the balance of Grant and Nature working togetherIvy v. Nettles, or the balance of Grant and Nature working together?

One area of ground which started as a temporary holding location for half of our Ivy Stock Plants, is now, remarkably, nettle-free.

During the winter we planted eighty ground cover ivy strains across a patch of ground riddled with Nettle plants and after 3 years the nettles lost the biological war and the Ivies won.

All the Ivies will be moved to their permanent growing areas plant-by-plant, and I’m sure we’ll have to extricate their roots from the dormant remains of Nettle plants just lying in wait for daylight, but maybe not. Just maybe one group of plants displaced another. Plants use a mix of physical, chemical and biological methods to ‘take-over’ new territory and many of these methods are openly supported by gardeners.

I’m on the side of the Ivy Plants. I could have been on the side of the Nettles. Whichever ‘side’ I take I appear to oppose the other ‘side’ by default. I could reel off many examples of this dilemma right across the biological spectrum. If I was a spineless gardener, the HoBB Gardens would remain un-cultivated.

I culture. I am engaged in culture.

Waves from the Hills ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ <+))))))))>< ~~~ Grant

Soul Creativity

Soul CreativityHolistic Practitioner, Hilary Foxwell, pops into the HoBB to give some sound advice to me about tapping my teeth to the rhythm of music – STOP IT !

When there’s music in me my holistic body becomes an orchestra of movement and it was not until my dentist remarked that I was showing some curious signs of ‘wear’ on parts of my teeth not normally associated with wear areas or eating, that I started to study my dental days more closely.

I caught myself recently allowing music to pervade my spirit to the MAX and yes, I was, without realising it, clicking everything including my teeth to the beat of the base!

Hilary to the rescue! When you get into a ‘loop’ action it can happen so automatically that you know nothing consciously about it and therefore need some help to by-pass the bit of the mind that continues the loop – especially if the habit it as loopy as using your teeth as rhythm sticks!

Hilary is versed in the Alexander Technique and teaches the Golden Wings System of Chi Gong and Tai Chi, working especially with Musicians, Actors, Artists, Dancers and now ‘teeth tapping creatives’. She visits New Zealand shortly to research the set up of a NZ ‘Soul Creativity Centre’ and hopefully, bring back loads of information on their complementary approaches to total well-being.

… it’s freedom of movement in creative expression on all levels but NOT for my teeth from hereon!

Waves, and noooo chattering ~~~~~~~~~ <+))))))))>< ~~~ Grant