The Meaning of a Life

42 The Meaning of a Life“To unveil fiction, and to create, as the result of our todays, the most useful advances for those ahead of us”. It’s one big relay race really.

Everyone tackles this from a different viewpoint, so there’s often a tangle – even a right mess-up at times. But it works because every new generation does a re-mix which is more appropriate for their moment and reviews the past as less organised and more primitive than the now.

It’s important that review and comparision continues if we want to stick around in human form. It’s a volatile universe and we are not very well equipped to survive at the moment – but we are (all?) working on it. As few of us know anything else but Earth Life, and we figure this planet makes a good ‘home’, we (all?) work to keep it clean and tidy, ready for newborns and fit for further use.

I opt for the above meaning of life, headfirst. My heartfelt understanding of life is far less practical but goes like this:

Meaning of life:
To maintain a rhythm that holds true for all by helping those in discord to re-tune.

Everyone gets out of step and individually, most ride the discomforts of life to party again. But some ill-fated people are pushed way off course, often as a result of power struggling. This can happen ‘big time’ around this planet: and these Struggles can be ingeniously engineered to create infighting which on a large scale can involve millions of hearts. Such scatty induced plagues nark me to the bone because they can lead to wars or hatreds which can throw the rhythm of life out of sync for centuries.

As there are great difficulties in kindling ‘love’ in areas where ‘hatred’ is taught from birth for example, the aligning of all to a harmonious ‘get-along’ future is some way off, but don’t let that stop you giving the process a nudge in the right place when you can because it will be well worth the effort. The sooner we are able to put aside ancient, almost tribal, rivalries and develop a progressive civilisation having one accord, the further we will get.

In reality, all factions will continue to debate the ‘best’ way forward and provide the descant. It is not until all people feel the way forward through instinct and intuition that we will start to arrive together.

Chin up folks and remember one thing about the ‘news’ that the media often put forward as headlines – If it appears to be packed with how terrible things are and seems very negative, it is because these are the very issues that we all need to concentrate upon and cure within our society. There’s lots of positive news out there that goes un-mentioned because it is not causing problems thus can be left to shine.

Even waves go up and down ~~~~~~ <+))))))))>< ~~~ Grant

Re-cycling our thoughts, to avoid a future ooze

Re-cycling our thoughts, to avoid a future oozeThis ‘Potting Shed’ at HoBB Real, was re-built from a coal store, which in part was once a pig sty, and then clad with ‘twin wall sheeting’ which once covered a bus shelter.

All shelving inside was originally Welsh Oak off-cuts sold as firewood, and the etched ‘vitruvian man picture window’ (by John Eley) is on loan from an exhibition entitled “The Water Palace”.

Re-cycling is not new. Non re-cycling is new.

Materials have always been re-used and it is natural to make the most of everything we have. Historically, the cost of a repair was cheaper than the cost of a new replacement but this rule is less so these days.

‘Wastefulness’ is being promoted

We should all refuse to accept the idea of refuse. Labelling things as ‘waste’ is rubbish if someone can think of a use for them.

Trashy goods are the real trash

“White Gloves” are on record as the first UK goods to be produced with inbuilt obsolescence and we handed this manufacturing disease onto the rest of the World. It is a disease and it does needs a cure.

The Obligation
Life on Earth, as we know it, is able to exist under only one set of environmental conditions, namely ‘in balance’. We will not get much further into our future by tipping this balance. If we are obstinate and continue to buy trashy goods to no avail, we will produce a future wasteland – ‘devoid of aesthetical, intellectual and spiritual richness’.

But ‘true recycling’ means re-thinking our production and consumption thoughts.

I feel it’s pointless for a species to outwear its only Earth home. We have come a long way from our primordial ooze and must all work to dissuade those amongst us from taking us closer to any future ooze.

Those who care, make waves ~~~~~ <+))))))))>< ~~~ Grant