Fashionable Composting, re-visited

Fashionable Composting, re-visitedComposting is one of natures unwritten laws. Like many of these laws, by keeping to them we uphold the food cycle, by breaking them we herd ourselves into a dead end.

A visit to your local garden centre should convince you that composting is now very fashionable as there are now umpteen systems to contain it and apparently ‘create it’ – not so. Nature has but one way through decay to break up stuff for recycling – ’tis so.

I am a bit miffed that so many western societies are still way off course when it comes to recycling. The biggest bloomer that most promoters of recycling make is to call used material ‘rubbish’ – it’s not; rubbish is worthless, useless stuff. And if someone can recycle stuff and put it to use then it is not ‘waste’ either.

We try to re-cycle and compost down everything at the HoBB but ours is but one voice. Your voice is important to this issue and your efforts to underline the truth about the way we all use and abuse ‘matter’ will help. Take every opportunity you discover to press the message home and support the continual re-use of everything possible.

At the HoBB we put nearly everything to use and re-use, giving all materials the longest life we can design for them – plastics are still the most challenging of materials. So when visiting HoBB Real, bring nothing with a ‘half-life’ over two months!

Waves ~~~~ (please re-cycle these around your friends) ~~~~ <+))))))))>< ~~~ Grant

Culturing life off the Drawing Board

Culturing life off the Drawing BoardI worked on a drawing board for ten years. Thousands of ideas crossed my mind whilst working on the thousands of ideas of others.

To get ideas off the drawing board and into a tangible state you need the sort of energy and drive a salmon has to reach its spawning grounds.

The salmon feels the know-how of the climb even when unable to know exactly how the climb will go. With memory (yes, fish do have a memory – including goldfish) and intent, fish like salmon and eels swim to their origins.

We can all swim to our origins if the waters are kept clear.

Alongside the ‘Trickle’, at the bottom of HoBB Land, we care for several trees near the little Mid-Wales Railway Line, continuing the work of the previous two owners of these lands since the mid 1900’s – these are Celtic parts where much Celtic lore remains!

Hazel still grows alongside the water’s edge, as hazel and water are well connected in Celtic lore:

“The spring of Segais in the Land of Promise was both the source of all knowledge and traditionally the source of the Rivers Boyne and Shannon. Hazel trees grew around it, and as their nuts fell into the spring they produced bubbles of inspiration or were quickly eaten by the salmon of knowledge.”

By growing bubbles of inspiration at the HoBB and understanding the energy and drive of wild salmon, we hope to gain more understanding of knowledge.

If your ideas remain on your drawing board you remain a farmed salmon in a cage with a regulated ending.

Waves, not ripples or trickles, from HoBB Real ~~~~~ <+))))))))>< ~~~~~~ <+))))))))>< ~~~ Grant