Precious Earth II (The sequel)

Precious Earth II (The sequel)I had a thought that the crude oil underground may be providing lubrication as the Earth’s Plates move across eachother and that if we extract it all then there will be more friction, greater earthquakes thus more disturbance of the earth’s crust and more volcanos.

I followed up the thought by assuming that the gaps left when we extract crude oil, and natural gas in liquid form, must fill up with water which, though not as good at lubricating, will smooth the plate jolts a bit.

I then cast my thoughts ahead to the time when the gaps ‘below’ were so large after our extractions, that all of the water that had previously been fun to see on the surface, responded to gravity and simply vanished down like any self-respecting liquid.

I looked at the dryness and felt ill. Ill because I contributed to it by ‘being’ a consumer of the ground beneath me – the very foundations that supported my ancestors.

I then did a Google search to locate my nearest ‘New Noah’ spacecraft to take me away from the lack of water but because I had been an accessory to the crime of home planet misuse, a default message page came up, written by the big webmaster, telling me that ticket sales to planet wreckers were forbidden.

As I put my kettle on the dry dust, still no tears appeared. Like all good space travellers, I started to carve a flashy plaque to tell those that followed me that “it was cool whilst it lasted but it failed”.

I think I died without ever knowing anything of any real importance.

At the moment, I’m in limbo. My seed is just dormant – it needs just a touch of ‘precious water’ to start it growing all over again.

If you are reading this, waves or even rain would be OK … just a little, please? ~~~~~~~~~ <+))))))))>< ~~~ Grant

Painting after reading The Little Prince by Antoine de St.Exupery

Painting Inspired by the Little PrinceWhen not designing, I like to make headway on the ‘bigger picture’. Everything I read from The Little Prince to the Big Bug enters my larder of thoughts.

My conclusions about the Earth, Universe and Everything are still in the wash of course and will hopefully never be dried out and ironed. I am seized with astonishment when I speak to those that feel they can confidently place clean neat creases in all their understandings.

When my words risk segregating my thoughts, I turn to painting – an invaluable communication tool that I constantly promote. UK schools lump drawing and painting into Art lessons – what a waste. The first and best artists are hunters, still keen to cover fresh cave walls with news of their findings from the front line.

Thankfully, more people realise that the best role for an artist is to be out there searching for new understandings. The Turner Prize helps in many ways to support those Artists that have the nerve to push our comfort zones and test our nerves – we should all allow our nerves to be pushed forward a little each day.

And if you have not read the book that triggered off the above painting, please do so on my recommendation as a hunter-artist!

~~~~~~~~~~ <+))))))))>< ~~~ waves from Grant