HoBB Token Pole

ItIMAGENAMEHERE was certainly not designed as a Totem Pole. It is however, a very useful sign that serves as a warning to large turning vehicles at the entrance to the HoBB.

It was initially designed to protect a support wire for a nearby post but as it is the first ‘symbol’ you see on approaching the HoBB, it has evolved into a seasonal ‘totem pole’ and is often adorned with decorative dried plants and seeds in Autumn.

It is a welcoming post for visitors – “back to the days when Ancient signs for villages were in the form of landmarks and road signs hadn’t been invented!”

Most UK village signs are now simply ‘traffic signs’ but I have noticed a growing movement to emblazon these flat sterile indicators with rich plantings. One village towards the west coast had planted out a rowing boat alongside their entrance sign and I have seen wheelbarrows of flowers
and of course, the half barrel!

These villagers are not specifically entering some ‘Village in Bloom’ scheme, they are however being proud to be ‘there’, they are putting an individual stamp on the map and saying ‘Welcome’.

I’ll see if I can remember to take some local pictures and put them up on a HoBBlog for you, and if you see any you think should be shared with a far greater world than those that ‘pass-by’ , then take a picture and let us know.

~~~~~~~~~~ <+))))))))>< ~~~ waves from Grant


BIG ARTS WEEKThe results of this year’s BIG Arts Week will be more than artistic smiles, for the efforts applied by a few to further the understanding of a few more will bear fruit in untold ways.

Those working hard to ensure young people think creatively about everything from Quantum Physics to Acorns are creating a valuable future full of many more young lateral thinkers. We all need to be flexible to work things out and communicate our thinking.

New Partnerships need to sprout in this Twenty-first Century as it needs to be the most remarkable century so far. We all need to juggle our thoughts a bit further because too many of us have pre-slotted them in deep dark historical grooves. It is not an unusual thing for people to do this, as we all find it easier not to confront changes and re-learn the Book (Whatever Book is your Bag!), but past writings can be baggage and heavy baggage too!

The originators of ‘Big Arts Week’ in the UK have created a fine annual focus, and from it, flow the opportunities for creatives to help bring about a lateral suppleness of thinking in others. The freedom of creative expression is something that needs to be grasped and held by everyone, and we all need to deepen our understanding of the ‘Energy’ it releases. Energy drives everything from the Sun to the spirit of a Formula One racing driver. The power of energy, is to connect all, and with more awareness and caring, we twenty-first century people can create a fine lasting influence for the twenty-second century people ever ahead of us (at the moment).

Waves from just within the de Sitter horizon ~~~~~~~~~ <+))))))))>< ~~~ Grant