Little Nemo 1911 to Finding Nemo now

Little Nemo 1911 to Finding Nemo nowSo in less than 100 years the animation film industry creates the quality of ‘Finding Nemo’.

What future the role of acting unless in voice over or motion capture form?

All budding actors selling the rights to their avatar selves in perpetuity, have one shot, one sale, one chance to negotiate their image rights – do not get it wrong. There’s a UK hoo-ha over the way bogus beings are assuming ID’s that are not theirs in order to fraudiently obtain goods and cash but what commotion will there be when all police have gene-scanners. Gene-scanners will be able to scan all litter to find out the phone number and address of the person who dropped it. Gene-scanners will be routinely used at the scene of all crimes to discover who was there. Gene-scanners will be available to all curious mates to find out who’s been ‘close’ to their loved ones.

How safe are your genes? Do you own the property rights to yourself?


At the moment, mobile G3 hand sets do not have gene-scanners fitted as standard but by the time G4 or G7 technology arrives, gene-scanners might be common. Can you imagine a paper-chase world where every bit of paper you drop has everybit of information about you upon it? Rather like the potential of a magnetic strip on a card but thousand-fold.

If it can be imagined, it can be created. That’s the way of the world because we are the result of our thoughts. Disney’s Imagineers are prime examples of the power of intent. The practical ones ‘follow’, so be careful what you think!

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HoBB Token Pole

ItIMAGENAMEHERE was certainly not designed as a Totem Pole. It is however, a very useful sign that serves as a warning to large turning vehicles at the entrance to the HoBB.

It was initially designed to protect a support wire for a nearby post but as it is the first ‘symbol’ you see on approaching the HoBB, it has evolved into a seasonal ‘totem pole’ and is often adorned with decorative dried plants and seeds in Autumn.

It is a welcoming post for visitors – “back to the days when Ancient signs for villages were in the form of landmarks and road signs hadn’t been invented!”

Most UK village signs are now simply ‘traffic signs’ but I have noticed a growing movement to emblazon these flat sterile indicators with rich plantings. One village towards the west coast had planted out a rowing boat alongside their entrance sign and I have seen wheelbarrows of flowers
and of course, the half barrel!

These villagers are not specifically entering some ‘Village in Bloom’ scheme, they are however being proud to be ‘there’, they are putting an individual stamp on the map and saying ‘Welcome’.

I’ll see if I can remember to take some local pictures and put them up on a HoBBlog for you, and if you see any you think should be shared with a far greater world than those that ‘pass-by’ , then take a picture and let us know.

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