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Spa WaterI had a fine chat with Melanie Wood at Harrogate Spa Water a while back about the way World Water Charities and Spa Water Producers could match their messages to promote the very survival of ‘clean water’, whether from a spa or from a reservoir.

Clean spa water remains well ‘protected’ as its sale produces a direct income, but all water, whether located in the seas, lakes, streams, wells, rain and rivers contribute to income – so long as the waters remain clean.

Achieving a World United front on issues can be hard, but “Clean Water” is not up for any debate as all life uses it and need it! So what criminals pollute it?

We are not alone – we share this ‘Blue’ Planet with essential lifeforms that call all waters, ‘Home’. If Humans had lived in rivers and seas all the time, would we have worked out a way of dumping our rubbish onto the land to have it washed back into our home? Would the Waters of the World be clean because they were ‘our’ home? Hmmmmmm, yes, I think so.

We’re just “dumping on our neighbour creatures” because they don’t dump back on us, and it is easier and cheaper than having responsibility for our own waste thus allowing more (short-term) profit.

The back wash is on one’s own doorstep and blaming our mums, dads, grandparents and great grandparents is wasting time. Those realising the need for all water to be clean need to get together NOW, otherwise our children will rightfully be able to blame us for doing nothing.

Whatever country you are in, whatever life you lead, you depend upon water being ‘fit’ for your use. Water needs to be ‘fit’ for all plant use because you need oxygen – and remember that the majority of oxygen available for breathing comes from plant life in the sea, not forests! It is great to contribute to some “Plant a Tree” campaign but as you draw your next breath, say the biggest thank-you to the billions of microscopic plants fighting for their life thus YOUR life throughout the World’s Oceans for unless they have clean water, your days are numbered lower!

Do what you can out there to keep muck production to a minimum. We all produce muck but we can process it responsibly and keep it clear of the global water supply where we can control and monitor its cleaning. Do what you can to change production methods to lower pollution and tackle the pollutants you produce by way of controlled, waste management within land-based facilities.

Dead Planets don’t make “Home Sweet Homes” so please do everything you can to fight for a healthy today and tomorrow on an un-polluted Planet, regardless of your beliefs and origins. If we muck up the environment on this one planet, no amount of fighting or peace-keeping will be of any use to anyone.

Further reading
Pixyled Publications produce a series of gazetteers on wells and springs and an excellent bibliography covering the subject. Here are the links to some of their ongoing international research into holy wells and healing springs:


Precious Earth I

Cluebod Image by kind permission of Little People BooksWANTED – PEOPLE TO SAVE THE PLANET

Any volunteers? Switch on the news and the world seems riddled with a lot of doom and gloom. It has been like that for ages and it gets some people down. It is too easy to be a ‘viewer’ and conclude that the whole world is full of destruction and corrupt politicians. It’s too easy to ‘sponge up’ the climate presented by a news caster and never venture into the fray to see what others say.

If you start believing that you are a lone voice so cannot change things because they are too big or they are way ‘over your head’, then you will certainly prove yourself right by not trying.

The plain truth is this:
We do need to continually save this planet from those who go about creating problems by polluting, spreading viruses, damaging harvests, creating mayhems and halting the nature of PSP (Perpetual Sustainable Progress). If we hide from our collective responsibility to future generations and assume all our ill-fated actions blow over, then we ‘gift-forward’ our less-than-best which is a shody thing to do for the future of our children.

By the way, the ‘news’ all looks to be pretty gloomy because it underlines where things are going wrong in the world. Those things that are not broken do not need fixing. We all must view the ‘news’ as a series of alert signals, drawing our attention to everything that needs working on.

There are loads of caring groups of people and individuals all working very hard to do their very best, every day. Whenever you see the darkness glooming, remember too the brightnesses blooming.

Never give up on a good thing. Save the Planet daily.

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