Investors in ‘tomorrows’ futurology.

Home for Sale on Moon signSome people invest in ‘Futures’ and some hold on to the security of a ‘Past Portfolio’ whilst others gamble on the ‘now’ and risk all for an instant.

Whilst all this is normally going on, a growing few are estimating how we can all win through to our ‘tomorrows’ by adapting our game plan ‘today’ . Today is always the best starting block and if you can look ahead without coughing on the dust of yesterday too much, you can take a fresh breath and progress.

I always try to invest my time alongside those who aim for a good future and are fresh-thinking enough to walk ever-forward. I know a lot of things jump up unexpectedly, and that sometimes these can distract or slow progress for a time, but that’s the order of things and I think there is no automatic ‘smooth ride’ for anyone or any circumstance.

The big bad bumps of ‘being’, are scattered around and they are rarely signposted to help us all avoid them. If you are fortunate, one of your friends will have some knowledge or experience that will help you surmount most bumps but rarely will you find the right friends to take you over and passed the mountains because those are there to cause you to make big personal climbs!

I think that one good investment in your own ‘tomorrows’ is to collect a wide range of friends – ones who are out there in all directions, experiencing things you cannot, because of time, position and location.

It is vital to make good investments for all tomorrows so as to nourish the long term good of all. It is against my personal law to exploit today without any regard for the long term outcome, but hey, that’s just me and not everyone enjoys thinking ahead.

But “what if” we all concentrated on only “today”?

“What if” our ‘care of attention’ was reduced to 24 hours?

Thankfully, I don’t think this will ever happen, and whilst science and spiritual adventure writers are leading us ever into deeper speculative realms of thought, I figure the future’s assured – whatever colour it is!

If you hear of a futurology conference in the UK or are interested in holding one, contact me – I’m part of it already!

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After Findhorn – Personal Holistic Alignment for Business [PHAB]

After Findhorn – Personal Holistic Alignment for Business [PHAB]“Every Act which distances humanity from its natural understandings,takes us further from ‘preserving’ the possibility of the best future”

Here at ‘HoBB Real’ we always try to remain ‘in-tune’ with our natural understandings and surroundings. We think that this helps us to aid projects that have ethical goals.

There are many places at work ‘re-introducing individuals to their natural understandings’. None more ably than the Scottish haven of Findhorn.

There are a few places at work trying to introduce people to better technologies. One of the best known places is a Welsh haven, namely ‘The Centre for Alternative Technology’.

At the HoBB, we feel that there are too few places at work helping people remain in touch with their ‘true-self’ as they steer through the business world, whether as employees or as self employed. There may be loads and loads of ‘life coaches’ cropping up to listen, counsel and advise but when we had the vision of “HoBB Real + HoBB Virtual”, we thought there should be a ‘place’ set in the countryside – halfway, conceptually, between the visions held by those at Findhorn and the actions followed by those at the Centre for Alternative Technology.

If you enter the world of business just to run with the wolves, your plan reposes on a fallacy for there are deep reasons for business beyond the hunt for promotion. The energy of business is to harness powers, the power of individuals is to harness energy. Energy however, ‘flows’, thus the businesses and individuals that move with the flow, further the progress of all.

Sometimes it’s hard to see where it is all going; this flow can appear to run away with itself and create monster situations, but over time, we learn the lessons of the past.

“Invoking the ‘spirit of business past’ when heading for the future, is futile. The World has a well established ‘trading habit’ that has developed, in vitro, from around the 17th cent. and I cannot believe that everyone thinks that this habit will stick around for a further 400 years. This is not a call to renounce the past but one to evolve the future”.

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